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  2. If khan beats thurman spence shouldnt fight khan cuz he is a cherry picker? Fawwkumean
  3. he's fighting peterson. is that any better than fighting khan?
  4. oh moffy....moffy old boy, where are you???????????
  5. Last week
  6. Shields vs. Nelson title defense

    Unanimous decision for Shields. Boy for an Olympian she sure slugs it out a lot, we saw her get in close and fire off with power shots for much of the fight. I would like to see her set up the power punches more with her jab, a lot of times a KO comes only after you set it up properly with a jab & faints etc.
  7. Shields vs. Nelson title defense

    I LOVE it... Shields just called out ALL the female champions in the pre fight video ... basically told them to 'see her' , multiple weight classes. ... Can't wait to see this fight...but since it's the main event it's last... so it will be awhile #everybodySaidThatWouldNeverHappen lol.
  8. Shields vs. Nelson title defense

    That german girl looks pretty good, too. can't wait for THAT fight.
  9. hmmm, that's odd....moffy conveniently disappeared without commenting on my post about redboy's last 9 fights. HOW CONVEEEEEEEEENIENT!
  10. beckham and hamed were great athletes and they received a shit ton of hype. they earned it. canelo gets it because he's red and mexican.
  11. Naseem Hamed really? He's weird but was pretty good... Mexfighter got words today
  12. moffy, i want your reply to my post over his last 9 opponents. tell me where i'm wrong. don't duck the post.
  13. cooney was another hyped fighter...great comparison.
  14. you really want to go over his last 7/8 fights? ok, lets do it. golovkin...he lost. draw my ass jc chavez, jr. the motherfucker threw 7 punches the whole fight. he was over 200 lbs and came down a corpse the day of the fight. you can't deny that. liam smith...good win. who's liam smith again? amir khan.....140 lber with more glass in his chin than a chandelier miguel cotto...former 140 champion having no business being middleweight champion. james kirkland....nice ko after long layoff for kirkland one won that shit fest should i go on? angulo....a nobody who threw 1 more punch than chavez did. you notice a trend when he fights mexicans? they don't throw back mayweather....lost 12-0
  15. Alvarez has agreed to fight Golovkin again.

    Cant lend credibility to anyone who uses cooney as a comparasion to canelo come on brah we watched
  16. So lets forget the level of his performances and the quality of opponents he has taken on over the past 3 years?? look at the wins he has had in his last 7/8 fights and if you cannot see there is top quality there you are lost to the world!
  17. i base shit on his opponents....all smaller, older, chinless, and weighing 155. no one brings up his 12-0 loss to mayweather. i don't give a fuck if mayweather was mayweather or canelo was "too young", he lost every single round but somehow, didn't one judge score it a draw or someshit? yeah, no hype there.
  18. no, mexico is racist for hyping him because of the color of his hair. and so is hbo, espn, showtime, and ireland.
  19. So your racist then; basing shit on the colour of his skin???
  20. Then came a string of opponents who were one or two degrees from respectability. Canelo fought Miguel Cotto’s older, much smaller brother, who almost knocked Canelo out in the first round. He knocked out a dried-up corpse who was calling himself Carlos Baldomir. He won a decision against Ricky Hatton’s younger brother. He beat the dude who came in third place on the reality show The Contender. As his star rose in these arguably competitive fights, Canelo was offered his own telenovela (he turned it down) and dated a former Miss Universe turned Televisa star named Marisol Gonzalez. His personality during this time never changed — he was the muttering, work-is-life athlete, the stone-faced, handsome prodigy who never said much of anything. News would pop up here and there about trouble back home in Jalisco. In 2012, Canelo’s brother was accused of murdering a rival in Mexico. In April of this year, before the Trout fight, Archie Solis, a boxer who fought at 108 pounds, accused Canelo of attacking him outside a nightclub. Of course, this news was mostly swept under the rug by the television networks who carried Canelo’s fights. And because anyone who shows up on TV enough times can simply point to his television appearances as the evidence of his wild popularity, Canelo Alvarez was whatever Televisa, HBO, or Showtime said he was.
  21. couldn't have said it better myself: In that spirit, let’s start with hair. It’s true, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, light middleweight champion of the world, has red hair. This is unusual for a Mexican. Every conversation about Canelo starts and ends with red hair and he must know how hair opens up a back door to discuss the real issue: His very, very good looks. So, let’s talk hair and let’s talk square chins and broad shoulders and a face of mean, compact symmetries that evoke Marky Mark during the underwear period. Let’s talk Televisa, the Mexican network with dozens of beautiful news anchors, telenovela actors, and the TV home for the entire Canelo Alvarez media empire. Let’s talk about why boxing needs Canelos and the decade-long search by Oscar De La Hoya for the next Oscar De La Hoya. Let’s talk about the biggest hype job since Gerry Cooney and how a 23-year-old boxer from Guadalajara has simultaneously become the Great Mexican Hope, the Great White Hope, and the Great White Mexican Hope.
  22. Alvarez has agreed to fight Golovkin again.

    So 10 years of hype job !? Give the man his due
  23. He has lived up to his hype as much as you would like to dismiss him; his quality is there to be seen and if he gets the win against GGG his credibility soars further!
  24. i went with your said 10 years so then i did, too. but yes, even as an ammy, he was getting undo attention.
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