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  2. David Haye has urged everyone to tune in for Chris Eubank Jr. v Renold Quinlan on ITV Box Office, claiming that Eubank Jr. "will go all the way" in the world of boxing. Haye was speaking to ITV Sport as he announced the launch of 'Hayemaker Ringstar' – his own promotion company in partnership with Richard Schaefer, the ex-Golden Boy promotions chief executive. After spending time with Eubank Jr. in Miami over the Christmas period, Haye believes the 27 year-old is even more exciting as a fighter than his father, Chris Eubank Sr, who became boxing royalty as a world champion on ITV in the 1990s.
  3. “In boxing? In boxing [I would fight McGregor] but not in [UFC], just boxing,” Pacquiao said. “I didn’t see [footage of Conor sparring],” Pacquiao said. “But if we are talking about Conor McGregor and boxing, it’s different. Boxing is different than MMA.”
  4. THE son of boxing legend Nigel Benn has apologised after being recorded mocking a disabled competitor.
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  6. I had it even but win, lose or draw for either man was fair...we had another close one!! Great fight to start the year though
  7. DeGale and Badou must believe they both won – or both lost. They both take home a paycheck but none take gloating points.....
  8. Cruiserweight contenders Mairis Briedis and Marco Huck will square off for a vacant interim world title on April 1 at Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany, Huck Sports Promotion announced on Thursday. The WBC made the interim belt available to its leading contenders because its world titleholder, England's Tony Bellew, is moving up to heavyweight for a huge-money showdown with countryman and former heavyweight and cruiserweight world titleholder David Haye on March 4 at the O2 Arena in London. The WBC granted Bellew's request to take the fight with Haye rather than face mandatory challenger Breidis next. After Bellew-Haye, Bellew must decide if he will remain at heavyweight or return to cruiserweight. If he returns to the 200-pound cruiserweight division he will be obligated to next face the Briedis-Huck winner. If Bellew remains at heavyweight, the Briedis-Huck winner will become the full titleholder.
  9. Forget his attitude, see this for what it was.......a top drawer performance, he is going to be unstoppable this kid!
  10. Check out
  11. That is the truth. Maybe If i want to be the champ it's time to go shopping lmao.
  12. The asshole part seemed like a possibility at the beginning of the fight.. but then after Davis fought and won , he seemed pretty humble with the victory. This was a great fight. I love the power punching
  13. Chisora hoping for Whyte rematch in May, 2017 Sure, it was more in hope than expectation....
  14. Close fight I gave it to Jack by a split.
  15. Not a fan of any martial are that hasn't proven to be effective in MMA. If I were to put my kid in a martial art it would be Brazilian Jui jitsu, Judo or Muay Thai. Or good old Boxing & Wresling.
  16. A huge amount of human beings, who are curious to start and practice the Martial Art and especially Wing Chun are probably wondering: Is Wing Chun somehow connected to one kind of religion? Actually, a lot of trainees, who are practicing Wing Chun, look at their training as one kind of religious work or ethic, spiritual and moral pursuit. There is and always has been that undeniable question whether there in fact is some kind of connection and similarity between all sorts of Chinese Military Art (Wing Chun in the first place), and religion or at least between Wing Chun and the spiritual aspect of person’s life. It is noted that the main and the key idea why “Wing Chun habit” developed through some direct moves or chain of tete-a-tete movements is that there is one function of Wing Chun that is in fact a kind of holy religion for all those people, who are practicing it. It has been shown in many places how Wing Chun has affected the religious and spiritual lives of their practitioners on more than a rhetorical level. Source:
  17. March 11th HBO. I'm thinking this will be a small war! Warrrrr the best man In a bout that should come with the tagline, “Knockout guaranteed or your money back,” the power-punchers David Lemieux and Curtis Stevens will square off on March 11 on HBO from Turning Stone Casino in Verona New York in a scheduled 12-round middleweight affair, it was announced on Monday. The match-up has been discussed since early 2016 and even had a date of Oct. 22 before talks fizzled. Now, with Canelo Alvarez opting to face Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Stevens and Lemieux, a former titleholder, struggling to find other big-name opponents, they will turn to each other to prove their worth in the middleweight division. For HBO, which has come under heavy criticism for pushing most of its boxing programming to pay-per-view, it marks just the second regular HBO date that has been announced in 2017. “The time for talking is done, and after many long months of hearing Curtis yell about all the things he’s going to do in the ring, I’m really looking forward to shutting his mouth on March 11,” Lemieux said in a prepared statement. “I’ve told everyone my goal is to once again become middleweight champion of the world. Curtis is in the way, and I’m going to go right through him.”
  18. The World Heavyweight unification blockbuster between Anthony Joshua MBE and Wladimir Klitschko has broken box office records with over 80,000 tickets sold for the April 29 super fight at Wembley Stadium Connected by EE, live on Sky Sports Box Office.
  19. he wasn't allowed to star in the show he created, "kung fu", because he looked too Chinese. I still hate fucking David Carradine to this day, even though he died and even though his role was badass in Kill Bill. fuck him.
  20. In the habit of making predictions about his future, Bruce Lee said that he would make kung fu known throughout the world, but he also knew beyond any doubt that the only way he could do this was by making films. Though he had allies, the fact that they agreed that he had all the qualities needed but could find no outlet for them only made things worse. In addition, Bruce also had the same directness in the film world that he had with the martial arts fraternity: he always said exactly what he thought. Sadly this didn’t win him many new friends in an industry whose wheels run smoother when oiled by bullshit. Nobody knew quite what to do with him, and more to the point, nobody was willing to risk money on an unknown actor who also happened to be Chinese. More than once it must have made Bruce question why he’d fought against his own countrymen for the right to teach kung fu to Westerners. Source:
  21. Mayweather and Davis may have some disputes but he still managed to put this kid in an advantageous situation fighting for a title against a guy on a long layoff
  22. oh, and who said anything about you? I was just pointing out the fact while being a 2000 troll.
  23. so then you don't care if the giants or Yankees lose, right? after all, it doesn't take a dolla from yo pocket.
  24. it does if you bet on the fight. oh, and that's what you say now. you weren't acting like that when junito was winning, were you?
  25. Pfffft doesnt take a dollar outta my pocket , nor put any in yours means nada
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