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  2. Taylor smashes late sub Campos

    aight, cool, check it!
  3. Taylor smashes late sub Campos

    His entertainment value has no bearing on how hard he is to finish. Fact is that he is very hard to hit clean let alone finish & that's why it was impressive that Taylor put him down for the full 12 count.
  4. Taylor smashes late sub Campos

    there are only 3 people in the entire world who tune in for a titere fight. his mom, his sister, and his 3rd grade teacher. NO ONE ELSE.
  5. Taylor smashes late sub Campos

    Uhh..I'm not sure you know this or not, but that guy el titere is pretty hard to finish .
  6. Taylor smashes late sub Campos

    i stopped reading right there.
  7. As predicted - a complete pot jug..........
  8. Broner vs Vargas 144lb Catchweight

    I’d like to see Vargas win this, but I think it’s a toss up
  9. Quigg 2.8 pounds heavy. Maybe he knows he needs an extra advantage.
  10. Broner vs Vargas 144lb Catchweight

    This is a good fight & tough for me to predict a winner. Vargas is world class, has a nice height & reach advantage & is more comfortable with the weight. However Broner usually struggles with physical pressure fighters & Vargas doesn't really fight that way. He's more of a boxer. Vargas' lack of power also makes him vulnerable cause even if he wins more rounds Broner will still get the benefit of the doubt on the scorecards. I'm leaning Broner via SD.
  11. Source: ESPN Who's winning this? Lunatic Boner or ring rusty Vargas? Weight will suit Vargas more than Boner.
  12. Taylor smashes late sub Campos

    Taylor's the real deal. Needs a few more fights then off to the USA.
  13. Gamal gassed terribly and looked weak after R6. He was never beating the vastly experienced McDonnell anywayz. His brother Jamie McDonnell gets the Inoue fight confirmed for May 25.
  14. Don't believe in all this "quitting" business. Shameless coward unless medically injured.
  15. Charlo Robbed

    Must be some sort of a mug to even consider doing something as foolish as this. Deserves everything he gets (if its true).
  16. I see the end of the line for Quigg here. I don't even see it as a 50:50 fight.
  17. This is a good fight, I think either guy can take it & there will be good action. Many people say Quigg pairing up with Freddie Roach has not been a success & that he slugs it out too much.
  18. Scott Quigg is now a veteran of 37 fights but faces arguably the sternest test of his whole career at the Stubhub Center on Saturday night. Reigning WBO featherweight champion Oscar Valdez is 23-0 with nineteen knock-outs and appears to have few obvious weaknesses. A former out-standing amateur, the 27 year old Sonora star has dazzled for much of his young career and claimed the WBO belt two years ago with a KO over undefeated Matias Carlos Adrian Rueda. The WBO ruler will be making the fourth defence against the English-man and is a big favourite for many. Quigg is undaunted in his underdog role however. The former long-time WBA super-bantamweight champion, who has only lost once to bitter rival Carl Frampton, Quigg is 3-0 on the comeback trail and is promising a huge performance come Saturday night. “I know absolutely I have the power to hurt Valdez and, trust me, I don't see this fight going the full distance as I am very confident I can stop him” says Quigg with the utmost confidence. “He will have learned from the knock-downs he suffered so I expect the very best version of Oscar Valdez on Saturday night.”
  19. Charlo Robbed

    Alot of these boxers don't believe in bank accounts I guess.
  20. Charlo Robbed

    who carries 150,000 pesos worth of cash a jewelry in a bag in a club?
  21. Charlo Robbed

    Jajaja I love it It's wierd though that some people who don't even know about boxing are talking about this. Makes me almost think it was a publicity stunt or something.
  22. What the heck is Dirrell doing with Hunter in his corner anyway? what happened to his uncle there was some weird shit going on in his corner.
  23. Charlo Robbed

    Boxer Jermall Charlo Robbed of $150K in Cash, Jewelry at Jay-Z's Nightclub Boxer Jermall Charlo was robbed of more than $150,000 in cash and jewelry Saturday night at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in Brooklyn. John Annese of the New York Daily News reported a friend left a Louis Vitton bag unattended, which contained $40,000 in cash and $115,000 in jewelry. An unidentified woman was seen on security footage with the bag.
  24. Brook vs Khan,Ali or Liam Smith makes sense.
  25. Agreed it was absurd a fighter that hasnt progressed past British level could be mad favourite, although Yafai was highly regarded by the pundits over here!! Kell looked sharp, but he could have done with a few more rounds!
  26. i cant' believe Mcdonnel was such a big underdog vs Yafai. What were the oddsmakers thinking, Fuck i should of bet on him!!!
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