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  2. Dont waste your time he is fucking poop
  3. Still need to see Joseph Parker.
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  5. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    heh uhhh thanks B
  6. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    Same to you G
  7. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    Well paid for that mate
  8. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

  9. On 30 October 2017, Robert Smith of the BBBoC blamed Tyson Fury for delays to his anti-doping hearing. He said to Sky Sports, “We [the BBBoC] are ready to go, UKAD are ready to go on our behalf, and the independent panel are waiting for a confirmed date. It’s up to them [Team Fury] now [to propose a date].” Then, on 23 November 2017, Mr Smith reiterated to Sky Sports, “The reason why this has taken so long, so I have been led to believe, is because Mr Fury’s legal team could not agree a date for the recommencement of the hearing. They obviously now have, and the hearing will recommence [in December 2017].” Mr Smith is incorrect. While Team Fury have been advised not to discuss this matter until it is over, we would like to clarify as follows: (i) This matter started in February 2015 – almost 3 years ago – after routine doping control tests. (ii) Tyson and Hughie were not notified of the results of those tests for 7 months, and even then UKAD simply asked them about their diet. There was never any suggestion that Tyson and Hughie had done anything wrong or that they might be in any sort of trouble. (iii) Then, without warning, UKAD charged Tyson and Hughie in June 2016 in relation to the February 2015 tests – i.e. 16 monthsafter the tests. (iv) A hearing eventually took place in May 2017 but was halted after UKAD objected to the participation of a tribunal member. (v) Hearing dates were then proposed for early October 2017 but UKAD’s team (not Team Fury’s team) was unavailable. (vi) A hearing has now been fixed for December 2017. Contrary to the BBBoC’s suggestion, therefore, the delays have not been caused by Team Fury.
  10. Fury and Hatton have been working out in the gym in a bid to get the former world heavyweight champion into shape. And the 'Hitman' posted on Twitter today: "My & my mate @Tyson_Fury @HattonGym today. Both in the shape of our lives. Bring it on." Hatton added: "'Promise you don't let Tyson Fury's look fool you. Given more time. What I've seen the last few weeks. Watch this space. Trust the Hitman'." Fury later responded on Instagram. He wrote: "Looking well here rick, both in great shape, Loving the work @rickyhitmanhatton @bendavison_ @hattongym." Fury has vowed to return to the ring and reclaim heavyweight gold.
  11. AJ-Parker 'getting closer'

    I just read that Parker and his peeps are offering 65-35 Split, and Hearn ain’t taking it so far.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    Fat bastard...........
  13. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

    who ate all the turkey? Haha
  14. Kell would fucking wreck Liam; I guess the money would be too good to turn down!
  15. If Takam can make AJ look like shit...Wilder can beat him.
  16. rican was high up on Nicholas Walters but then Lomachenko absolutely REKT that dude & made him quit. Now he roots against Loma.
  17. Liam Smith vs Kell Brook rumored for early 2018.
  18. Why thank you for the kind words my friendenemy
  19. Nice punch, but getting caught cold like that is fucking poor at that level of the sport!
  20. Bellew vs Haye II

    He wont fight Whyte there is no money in it; that fucker couldn't fill a phone booth!
  21. Bellew vs Haye II

    DILLIAN WHYTE OFFERS TO FIGHT TONY BELLEW ON SHORT NOTICE FOLLOWING DAVID HAYE’S INJURY In the meantime, fellow British heavyweight Dillian Whyte is willing to step in and fight Bellew on short notice. Bellew and Haye were scheduled to rematch on December 17, so Whyte wouldn’t have much time to prepare, but that’s OK with him. “Let’s not let the boxing fans down,” Whyte tweeted Monday at his promoter, Eddie Hearn, who also has Bellew in his stable of fighters. “I will fight Bellew in December and beat him up, even without a proper training camp.”
  22. Bellew vs Haye II

  23. thats because you're a moron, a communist, and a soul-less individual.
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