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  2. Badou Jack vacates WBA title

    I hear he may face Stevenson next
  3. 'Fury decision worst I've seen'

    My streaming box was down so I couldn't watch. Saw people flipping out on twitter tho. odds were pretty even for this fight.
  4. Badou Jack’s reign as WBA Light Heavyweight Champion is over after less than a month. “The Ripper” dropped the belt yesterday ahead of a planned purse bid with mandatory challenger Dmitry Bivol. Going by rankings, this will possibly result in Bivol against either #2 Sullivan Barrera or #3 Oleksandr Gvozdyk for the vacant title. Jack (22-1-2, 13 KO) pulverized Nathan Cleverly for the belt on the Mayweather-McGregor card in his light heavyweight debut. It’s a bit surprising to see him vacate immediately, especially considering he fought dangerous super middleweights like George Groves and James DeGale, but the ratio between Bivol’s threat and his name recognition seems to have been a bit too much for him. Bivol (11-0, 9 KO) was last seen demolishing Cedric Agnew on Ward-Kovalev II. He looks like the goods at age 26 and should make for a hell of a fight against someone like Barrera.
  5. Last week
  6. Andre Ward announces retirement

    He wont be missed he went missing for nigh on three fucking years
  7. Andre Ward announces retirement
  8. Andre Ward announces retirement

    ^^he wasn't boring when he made Kovalev quit.
  9. Andre Ward announces retirement

    buh bye, you boring piece of shit. hopefully, rigondeaux is next.
  10. Andre Ward announces retirement

    Yes, he is young to retire. I love that video though, quite the list of accomplishments. & LOL
  11. Andre Ward announces retirement

    Good riddance But he'll be back they don't stay retired for long especially when they retire young
  12. Andre Ward retires from boxing. Will he stay retired? So many come back. Props to any fighter retiring from boxing before boxing retires them. He did it....
  13. Boxing styles

    Time limit exploiter: a boxer who knowing that there is a 12 rd time limit, avoids potential fight ending situations at all cost using excessive movement,holding & avoiding exchanges in order to score points & win a decision. Examples:Gayweather,Hopkins,Whitaker,Miguel Vasquez, Abril.
  14. Boxing styles

    ^^ I agree for the most part. Volume Puncher is more of a sub category because like you say most of them are swarmers. There are a lot of fighters who are tweeners & don't fit a strict category. Labels serve a purpose but shouldn't be taken too literally.
  15. Boxing styles

    And the fact is that these are all made up categories that resemble styles of famous boxers over the years. Does it really matter if someone is a slugger vs a brawler? What are the subtle differences between the 2? Also, ... Couldn't a volume puncher be a swarmer if he is winning on work rate? Maybe a pressure fighter has shitty technique but the slugger throws punches with good technique. It depends on the fighter. I love when I read online articles that make these definitions 'absolutes' lmao. Have you guys ever these old school adages: Swarmer beats Boxer Slugger beats Swarmer Boxer beats Slugger Just as simple as ... " With a southpaw ALWAYS keep your lead foot outside his." .... Maybe, ..Maybe not.
  16. Boxing styles

    a 40 year old Mayweather was less , but not to fit your argument eh
  17. Boxing styles

    Why was 39 year old Azumah Nelson such a big risk at that time?
  18. Boxing styles

    By you, maybe. I remember him for not bitching out against Azumah Nelson when 99.99% of the fighters would. He said he wanted to win the belt the right way so he took his chance against the Professor.
  19. Boxing styles

    Said worthy mija , historians say the same . Post up Bradleys great win with that must see score card lmao then we can jump to horn pac another loss for pac according to mr bullshit afraid to see that cluster fuck card . Poor Pac joshybullshit got him losing everytime , must be personal
  20. Boxing styles

    The Pac AND Marquez wins get him into the HOF. Shit you said Chicanito Hernandez is a HOF fighter & he mostly just known for getting TKO'd by Oscar & Floyd.
  21. Boxing styles

    you should score that great victory you claim gets bradley in the hall of fame against pac
  22. Boxing styles

    They also list Tim Bradley as a counter-puncher jaja
  23. Boxing styles

    No worse then chocolatito being labeled a slugger
  24. Boxing styles

    Just notied that the article lists Kelly Pavlik as a switch hitter? That dont sound right
  25. Boxing styles

    posting mamadas doesnt make you look any more stupid than normal , its expected
  26. Boxing styles

    Just thought of some more sub-styles!!! Highguard style- Winky Wright, Joshua Clottey, Arthur Abraham. Philly Shell style- Gayweather, James Toney. Peek A Boo style- Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier. Damn I'm good.
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