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    after watching english football, i noticed that the english call everyone boy, regardless of race. they call ronaldo boy, rooney boy, vidic boy. "that boy made a great tackle" "that boy scored a beautiful goal". only in the u.s. is it considered racist. mcgregor isn't.
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    I have to agree on that Floyd makes more money out of this fight than he does by facing anyone else as does Connor
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    Saturation. In the u.s., there are boxing matches on tv probably 4-5 times a week. ufc is on way less and on crappy ass channels no one knows about. so, the fans are so hungry for fights, they are willing to ppv. supply and demand. low supply, high demand.
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    Fucking hell your hard to please he is a novice in the pro ranks the hand speed and the power geneerated was exceptional, he destroyed him!
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    If there was ever a fight to stream its this one. Or go to a bar & watch for like 10 bucks.
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    Hysterical though mate, he got 90 days for beating a woman ffs
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    To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers .................................
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    haha i said that because one of my best friends is a boricua from Ponce...he talks tons of shit about dominicans and haitians. we tease him about being the same thing and he rambles on for an hour about how much he hates them. oh, and if you ever say meskins are like salvis or guatties, you and i are going to have a problem, pal.
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    lmao ricans are nuthang like a Haitian or DUMBinAcanS so if thats your take then it obvious you havent been around any of the 3 , its like saying a Mexican is same as a Salvadorian or Guatemalan i been around all 3
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    ohhhh please ffs situations like that close down discussion over real racial issues!
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    Alot of African Americans are super touchy when it comes to race. A couple years ago here in Sac our NBA team gave out free t shirts before a game to celebrate the Chinese year of the monkey, so everyone in attendance got a monkey shirt to wear. Before the game our star player Demarcus Cousins said it was racist to blacks for all the people to wear monkey shirts & next thing you know the whole thing was cancelled due to this perceived racism.
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    ok coming from your black ass i understand but is Irish and English the same
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    haha I liked that and then to mock the amount of money he had was hilarious, Floyd was prancing as though he had a million in his ass pocket
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    maybe so but he is teetering on that edge mayweather drives people too denouncing floyds get up as a lil break boy was even more horrifying , how dare he insult my culture gold was when floyd called his lackey to bring him the bag and connor told em thats right bitch do what your told
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    I dont agree rican; Connor calls everyone 'boy' regardless of skin colour, its merely his put down as though he is the man so he would never cross the line - its not his style at all!
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    Round 2 Connor very fucking entrertaining that haha
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    what bothers me more is roach goes to the media with this like dude whats wrong with you keep your beef with manny in house
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    Floyd is hamming up just as much, it was laughable Floyd said he would fight in 4oz gloves and get into the Octagon....complete and utter bullshit!
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    10 pounds is 1 UFC division. Shit Broner moved up from 135 to 147 in one fight & won a title. It didn't take him years & years like Choco he did it in 1 freaking fight. And that's just Broner.
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    Floyd would never take a straight up fight, he would get fucking smashed to pieces!
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    What in gods name are you going on about?? What MMA pals said boxing was dead? The only thing that I heard going around was that boxing was not on the rise the way MMA was, and you cannot deny that being true. For me it was never a competition. Boxing fans like you view it that way because you see MMA as a threat. I just want to watch the better product. And I am sorry but MMA has been far more fan friendly in the sense that is offers a lot more opportunities to see content regularly. Now if you cannot recognize the skill involved in the sport, that is your problem and loss. Floyd would never in a million years accept a fight because someone begged hard enough so whatever scenario u want to create in your senior citizens brain go ahead. Floyd is going to make a ton of cash on this because MMA is so popular. People want to see this side show for the underdog story...as dumb as it is.
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    he makes more because he's bringing in all the bro dudes.
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    The gloves will help Connor no doubt, but he will get fucking slapped around for fun and wont hold on for the distance; thats impossible because the gulf in class is massive!
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    your cute post has nothing to do with what i said, though. your mma pals said boxing was dead. it obviously isn't if your number one superstar has to go and bend over and get anally raped by floyd and all his stipulations and just take it. had floyd gone over to mma and got on his knees and blown dana white the way connor did floyd, then i'd have to hear what you have to say.
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    Destroyed him? I can't wait to see him get Breidis Prescotted now, thanks to you.
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    the guy could have gotten up. FIX!
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    Are we supposed to be impressed
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    I'm glad I never got on the Choco P4P#1 bandwagon. Imo a slugger can never be p4p#1, that is a spot reserved for pure boxers. I think Mex & Rican overated him cause they were enamored with having a latino guy being seen as the best in the sport.
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    People know about Fox & Fs1. Boxing on the other hand is regularly shown on bounce tv & spanish stations.
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    One of the dumbest posts I have ever seen. Do you recall MMA making boxing and James Toney look ridiculous? The fact remains a high school wrestling squad beats 99 percent of the top 10 boxers in the world in their weight class. If we are talking a fight (which boxing is not) there is no discussion here. Floyd Mayweather had to design a very very specific contract for McGregor to make sure he doesn't get paid if he tries anything that doesn't suit his gameplan. MMA walked up to boxing, took a chunk of money and has nothing to lose. Its like one guy telling another, the only way you can fight me is if you blind fold me, tie one hand behind your back so we can even the fight. McGregor will walk away smiling, rich and still knowing he can beat his ass. lol
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    It shows that your crew needs an MMA attraction to sell a lot of PPV's. It also shows that Floyd is a hypocrite cherry picking POS.
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    remember all that talk about boxing being dead, that the ufc took over, etc dana white, connie McGregor, and the entire ufc just bent over, grabbed their ankles, and were penetrated by boxing and by Floyd. check mate!
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    lmao now the spin is US boxing , listen mija boxing in any language is well.................... boxing your just butt hurt that PPV boxing > MMA PPV , let me guess the mma you speak of as great is american only ? haha you too stupid to even bother with
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    We all knew floyd was not gonna retire at 49-0, we knew he would bide his time & come back for one last big fight to make it 50-0 & now he has....only he had to pick an MMA fighter because boxing is doing so shitty. Boxing is on its knees Ward Kovalev bombed, you have guys like Terrance Crawford selling 70k ppv's & Al Hay man can't even give his fights away on network tv. Floyd picking Connor is him admitting that boxing is weak as fuck right now.
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    If it was just about easy money he'd fight Bertos scrub ass again. Fact is Connor is the biggest PPV draw out there so to get the biggest payday possible he needs Connor.
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    Who cares. I never said boxing wasn't shown on good channels, it definetely is but boxing is also on bounce tv & spanish speaking channels. The ufc is shown on FX,Fs1 & FOX which are all good channels. Fights from lower tier mma orgs are shown on lesser stations. & it is true that Haymon purchases airtime to get his fights on the big networks, Ufc never has to do that.
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    Lol UFC was never on Showtime that was Strikeforce
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    Canelo is a bigger draw than Connor? We'll I guess we'll have to see whether Floyd vs Connor does more than Floyd vs Canelo did LOL The fact that you actually believed the UFC ever had a deal with Showtime shows that you really don't know that much & how many 2 mil plus ppv's buys has boxing sold without Floyd? Zero snookems. Get used to that being the case now that he's retiring
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    all these bull shit questions can be answered easily nate , gingers ppv recs are easy to find was floyd in lewis tyson? guess that blows away that zero
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    heres the question again thongboy maybe grab your reading glasses or that wont help you illiteracy
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    Great effort by Horn but definitely some hometown cooking with the judges. Had Pacquiao 8-4 with some swing rounds. The 9th was 10-8 for Pac.
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    You said it in the shout when you were arguing with neil. I saw that shit lmao