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    Good read. I myself think power and chins we all posses. But to me it is the timing of the punch landed, and also the timing of the punch received that produces the desired effects.
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    That is possibly the best argument put forward I have seen over this subject and in many aspects echoes my own thoughts - quality piece of writing that!!
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    gonzalez was flat out robbed. beat the fuck outta the dude the second half of the fight yet somehow all three judges had sor rungvisai winning at least 4 of the last 6 rounds. not only that the guy was clearly head butting gonzalez intentionally. gonzalez still closed the show like a champion in the last round and gave dude an even worse beating
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    he's fighting 4 weight classes above his own and eeked out a loss that 99% of the world thought he won. 4 weight classes. how does that influence his lb 4 lb status? if anything, it proves it.
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    her opponent looked about 12 years old
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    She was in the ring with a terrible boxer. Her opponent had a record of 0-2 and lacked coordination. Marlene joined Golden Boy Production.
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    Im really not seeing Floyd beg....im seeing an MMA fighter repeatedly chat shit for months over him wanting the opportunity to beat up Floyd and in response he is taking the piss out of Connor for stalling on signing!! Whats ironic here is that Floyd has actually said he will come out of retirement to take the fight, but Connor is still just talking about it and yet wont put pen to paper on a contract that will reputedly more than quadruple his biggest ever payday and secure him for life...seems he is scared of getting his ass handed to him in a boxing fight he cannot possibly win under any circumstances what so ever!
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    I hate these fucking stupid tournaments....the governing bodies should just make the fighters do what they are supposed to do and fight the mandatory/best opposition without the need for this!!
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    Duva is a big part of my love for boxing , I attended many of his cards at Ice world growing up RIP Legendary Hall of Fame boxing manager and trainer Lou Duva, the patriarch of one of the most influential families in the sport, passed away today at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey. He was 94. He died of natural causes, according to his son Dino Duva. A fiery and charismatic character, Lou Duva’s career spanned seven decades in the corners of boxing champions. Duva handled the careers of 19 world champions, and most notably trained heavyweight titlist Evander Holyfield, and welterweight kingpins Pernell Whitaker and Meldrick Taylor – all U.S.A. Olympic medalists – just to name a few. Duva’s first world champion was middleweight Joey Giardiello, who won the title in 1963. Lou Duva was born on May 28, 1922 in New York City to Italian immigrants, and the family later moved Paterson, New Jersey. A true icon in the sport of the “Sweet Science,” Lou Duva is enshrined in the International Boxing Hall of Fame (1998), as well as the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, and the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. Duva and his family built the promotional company Main Events (founded in 1978) into one of boxing’s powerhouses. Duva was voted “Manager of the Year” in 1985 by the Boxing Writers Association of America. In 1987, the World Boxing Association chose Duva as “Trainer of the Year.” Lou Duva is survived by his son Dino and his wife Margi, daughters Donna Duva Brooks and her husband Tommy Brooks, Deanne Boorman and her husband Mike Boorman, and Denise; daughter in law Kathy Duva, widow of Dan Duva; grandchildren Cassandra and her husband Shaun, Max and partner Tabitha Hugdahl, Nicole, Alex, Lisa and her husband Will Jamieson, Louis, Amanda, Bryan, Deena, Michael and Scott; and great grandchildren Shaun Jr., Carter, Luc and Ryan. Lou Duva was pre-deceased by his wife Enes, and eldest son Dan. “The overwhelming number of calls and sympathy wishes from so many friends and associates shows how much our father was loved and respected. We sincerely appreciate the support from everyone.” said Dino Duva. http://www.fightnews.com/Boxing/lou-duva-passes-age-94-396747
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    i know....jason sosa i realized i jumped the gun a little.
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    Great fight but I did not in any way see that as a split. Thurman all the way because: work rate, offense, and defense. Anyone see it differently?
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    2001 is calling!!!!!!! Puerto Rico and its neuyoricans have zero champions. suck it.
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    TBF Haye has been ruined with injury and against any other fighter I would have been backing him, but Bellew is a hometown Boy and I gotta go with him; although I agree he gassed early but that was mainly because he was throwing bombs that weren't coming close to landing!
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    ok mate props to the lad from liverpool but lets us not forget you have been a steadfast supporter of that vagina haye ,never has a man lived up to the billing of paper muscle like twinkle toe i dont wanna hear how he TOUGHED IT out yesterday either because it was his fat gut and wild swinging gassing him more than his leg , and btw if his Achilles was gone it wouldnt have been up for debate if he needed surgery , it would have been no question ala kobe , that twinkle toe and his team DECIDED it was best to go in and look is to save face guarantee in few weeks team haye will claim to have suffered such an injury a mere mortal would not have been able to survive
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    I gave Garcia 3 rounds in that fight straight up !
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    Keith kept him off balance with attacking him early with hayemakers right from opening bell then boxing him think danny was expecting it other way around Thurman had danny hurt few times early tbh i didnt find it to be a great fight , tense but not great
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    I aint got no stinking choice, Bellend is meh I think
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    Bellew ended that cunt BJ Flores so he won me over if he can ko twinkle toe he might make my all time team mofo imagine that