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    Lets ignore that he uinfied two of the belts eh also beating Pascal, Abraham, Kessler, Jermaine Taylor and Lucian Bute to name a few....his record and level of opponent at least suggest he is worthy of consideration; he was in a division full of quality and was able to comfortably make weight so why would he go up??
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    He just stuck to one division his wholre career what kind of fucking reason is that
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    Stephen "Breadman" Edwards has one of the best weekly/biweekly boxing columns on the net posted interesting take on the subject of chins Q: I am torn on this subject. I hear people say that you can’t teach punching power and chins. But I notice fighters doing exercises to increase their power and ability to take a punch. What’s the point if you can’t improve those areas? Bread’s Response: I’m sorry for taking so long to answer this question, you sent it weeks ago. But I had this conversation this weekend and I thought it was appropriate to answer now. Let’s start with punching power. Scientifically speaking the impact force or punching power equation is different variations of (velocity x mass). There are other factors but that’s the most simplistic formula. So let’s think about this. The speed in which something is launched and the mass of that object determines the force of the landing. So in a nutshell if a fighter’s fastest punch is say 35 mph. And that fighter learns to increase his speed up to 40 mph. Then in essence the fighter will punch harder. Before anyone debates this it’s fact not an opinion. Let’s go deeper about other factors. Let’s say you drop a 20lb steel weight off of a 20 ft landing. Then you drop a 20lb plastic weight off the same 20 ft landing. The steel weight will do more damage to the ground. The reason being is because it has less give upon impact. It’s also harder and more compact. I bring this up because if you look at the best puncher in boxing, GGG. His workouts consist of neck work, wrist work, hand work and forearm work. We will talk about the neck work later. But there is reason why he strengthens his hands, forearms and wrist. As a fighter you want hard hands. You want strong forearms and wrist to lock up and not give upon impact. I will bet you a million bucks that Mackey Shilstone or any of the other leading conditioning gurus won’t repeat you can’t build or teach power…. You won’t ever be able to turn Ivan Calderon into Joe Louis. But you can increase a fighter’s speed, mass and sturdiness upon impact. So despite the myth you can increase punching power. Next up can you teach a chin? Or in Layman’s terms can you increase a fighter’s ability to take a punch. Again the answer is yes. Again I will use GGG as example. Do you notice how much he works his neck and jaw? Do you think he’s doing that for show? When a fighter is kod it’s because his brain slammed up against the wall of his skull which causes a concussion. So if your neck and jaw is stronger and you can minimize that jarring impact, in essence you can increase your ability to take a punch. You have to also look at few other things. Often times fighter’s like Marvin Hagler take good shots for various reasons. Obviously you can be predisposed to taking a good shot or not (genetics). But there are also other factors. Positioning and awareness are just as important. Hagler always kept his hands up, chin tucked and head centered in his shoulders. Hagler had a really strong core, neck, shoulders and back. When you are positioned correctly your entire body can absorb a punch. So it makes it easier to take. Now look at the video of Mike McCallum’s ko of Donald Curry. Curry is pulling straight back with his chin up in the air. His chin is not centered and lowered in his shoulders, his core and chest aren’t lowered and braced for impact. So McCallum gets to hit ALL chin. Curry couldn’t recover from the shot because his chin and nothing else had to absorb it. I will go deeper. Let’s look at Marco Antonio Barrera, Oscar De La Hoya, Bernard Hopkins and Andre Ward. Barrera was stopped by Junior Jones by a punch he never saw. He was too eager. Barrera was about 23 at the time. He revamped his boxing skills and became more AWARE in the ring. If we judged Barrera on that one small microcosm early in his career than we would call him chinny. He went on to have one of the more dependable chins of the 2000s. Oscar De La Hoya was dropped hard in back to back fights early in his career. He got up to win both fights. But Oscar got stronger increased his awareness and went on to face huge punchers in his career and never had chin problems. Bernard Hopkins is known to have one of the best chins ever. But Hopkins was dropped multiple times and hurt by a fighter named Segundo Mercado in their 1st fight. Mercado kept countering Hopkins’s right hand. Hopkins increased his awareness to an all time level. Became a smarter , stronger and more aware fighter and went on to have the most dependable chin of the last 2 decades. Andre Ward was dropped by Darnell Boone and severely hurt by a club fighter named Kenny Kost. I can remember people calling Ward chinny. But Ward never saw either punch he was hurt with. Ward has developed into one of the most mentally sharp and focused fighters in history. He was dropped by Kovalev but he saw that punch and was able to recover quickly. Ward has also visibly increased the size of his neck. His chin is super dependable nowadays. Boxing is a sport that thrives on primitive thinking. We repeat myths as the truths and debunk the truths as myths. The ignorance that dominates boxing is actually sad. Again I will bet you that no fighter who has been stopped or hurt will tell you that you can’t increase your ability to take a punch. The labels of who can take a punch and who can’t is really intriguing. In my opinion there are many levels and categories. I have seen fighters like Mike Tyson who I felt could take a good punch get stopped in all of his losses. I felt Tyson could take big single shots. His problem was he came apart when he took beatings. To me that’s a lack of “toughness” not a lack of a chin. Then you have guys like Tommy Hearns and Amir Khan who are known as chinny. But they display physical toughness. As long as you don’t hit them on the button they respond like champions and fight through punishment. Look at Khan vs Peterson and Maidana. He can take punishment you just can’t hit him clean on the kisser. Watch Hearns in Barkley 2 and his fight with Virgil Hill, same thing. Those are two guys who are tough but they just don’t take clean big shots well, the exact opposite of Mike Tyson. Then you have guys like Naseem Hamed. Hamed was never stopped as a pro. But he took a punch funny. He wobbled, went down and just looked weird when hit. I think it was because of his positioning. His chin was up in the air, it was not centered in his shoulders and it caused some tough moments for him. Although he was never stopped I always viewed him to have a shaky chin. Did you know that in drunk driving fatalities the person who usually lives is the drunk driver? The reason being is there body is relaxed. Guys who can take a punch well usually have 2 qualities. Relaxation and focus. Roberto Duran despite being kod by Tommy Hearns had a granite chin. He was always relaxed and aware. James Toney had the same exact traits. For the record you can increase punching power and the ability to take a punch. Don’t let anyone convince you, you can’t. - See more at: http://www.boxingscene.com/daily-bread-mailbag-pacquiao-khan-broner-ward-spence-brook--113959#sthash.ovzRPliT.dpuf
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    That is possibly the best argument put forward I have seen over this subject and in many aspects echoes my own thoughts - quality piece of writing that!!
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    WTF is this man going on about - he has lived off the back of one fucking fight all his own career and then has taken as much credit as he possibly can for his sons....he would get his ass smashed to pieces in his own prime if he had one never mind now!!
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    Good read. I myself think power and chins we all posses. But to me it is the timing of the punch landed, and also the timing of the punch received that produces the desired effects.
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    Very very lucky boy, I had him down by two rounds!!
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    Broner did not impress, I was more impressed by Granados stepping up and putting on a great attempt against the named Broner.
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    The unique collaboration with Twitter is an extension of the SHOWTIME Free Preview Weekend during which the premium network will be available to more than 73 million television households nationwide from Friday, February 17 through Monday, February 20. Twitter's live stream of Saturday's SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING telecast will be available for free to logged-in and logged-out users on Twitter and connected devices in the United States and Canada. Access to the live stream will be available at showtimeboxing.twitter.com, in Twitter's explore tab and on @ShowtimeBoxing. http://www.fighthype.com/news/article28011.html
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    It was bad ass to be able to watch these fights without the mad spam of some of the other methods of getting fight streams... but I think that Granados outworked Broner, Just saying. :-)
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    I hate Floyd & his promotional company but I guess this is a good move, hopefully she makes a splash.
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    Frampton came to him twice, once as the challenger and the second time as the champion.
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    Heh especially with that totally unorthodox style of SlobKilka
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    Charlie Z would take him out ffs
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    Hopefully it's a full contact heavy hitting type fight like her debut was. Looks like this Szabados chick is a bit of a can crusher.
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    I've never heard of or seen De Randamie, so I'm gona go with Holm
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    Well he needs to pay attention to the protect yourself at all times and shit.
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    Lol you fight how you train why would they half step it ? Not hit her with authority coulda got nate to spar with her then
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    Haters lol. Old news. She needs to join a boxing gym. blah blah blah same old story. She was unprepared, and set up to fail. She needed a tuneup fight and to work on her deficits as a fighter. This response is for the faceless posters up there anyway. There was also some shit talked online that her sparring partners had to sign a non disclosure agreement and NOT hit her with any authority in preparation for her fight. WTF.
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    WEEK 06 Source: Boxrec Friday February 10th 2017 At Miami, Okla. ("ShoBox The New Generation" on Showtime USA) Ivan Baranchyk vs. Abel Ramos, 10 rounds, junior welterweights Lenin Castillo vs. Joseph Williams, 8 rounds, light heavyweights Jon Fernandez vs. Ernesto Garza, 8 rounds, junior lightweights Ruslan Shamalov vs. Anthony Johnson, 4 rounds, heavyweights McKenzie Morrison vs. Dieuly Aristilde, 6 rounds, heavyweights Jarrett Rouse vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior middleweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday February 10th 2017 At Toledo, Ohio (PBC on Bounce TV + Boxnation UK) Robert Easter Jr. vs. Luis Cruz, 12 rounds, for Easter's IBF World lightweight title Rau'Shee Warren vs. Zhanat Zhakiyanov, 12 rounds, (for Warren's WBA Super World bantamweight title, International Boxing Organization World bantamweight title) Terrell Gausha vs. Luis Hernandez, 10 rounds, middleweights Jamel Herring vs. Art Hovhanisyan, 8 rounds, lightweights Raynell Willaims vs. Justin Savi, 6 rounds, junior lightweights Tyler McCreary vs, Jonathan Perez, 8 rounds, featherweights Devin Vargas vs. Tim Washington, 6 rounds, heavyweights Albert Bell vs. James Lester, 6 rounds, lightweights Adrian Wilson vs. Rashad Scott, 4 rounds, junior middleweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday February 10th 2017 Marck en Calaisis, Pas-de-Calais, France (France SFR SPORT) Joffrey Jacob 14 0 1 vs Fouad El Massoudi 14 8 0, 10 rounds, France super welterweight title Zakaria Attou 23 6 2 vs Ambrosi Sutidze 11 7 5, 6 rounds, Super Welterweights Thomas Masson 15 3 1 vs Joseafat Reyes 6 6 1, 6 rounds, Bantamweights Diego Natchoo 8 0 2 vs Dimitry Halley 3 14 1, 6 rounds, Middleweights Gael Rigobert 3 0 0 vs Mikel Hodaj (debut), Middleweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday February 10th 2017 At Ontario, Calif.: Giovani Santillan vs. Omar Tienda, 8 rounds, junior welterweight Erick Ituarte vs. Naciff Castillo, 8 rounds, featherweight Ruben Villa vs. Francisco Camacho, 4 rounds, featherweights Michael Dutchover vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior lightweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday February 11th 2017 At Guadalajara, Mexico (RingTV.com) Juan Jose Velasco vs. Fernando Marin, 10 rounds, welterweights Jose Matias Romero vs. Bernardo Gomez Uribe, 8 rounds, junior lightweights Jairo Llanes vs. Emmanuel Valenzuela, 6 rounds, lightweights Filiberto Tovar vs. Lawrence Elizondo, 8 rounds, heavyweights Heliodoro Napoles vs. Carlos Mauricio Rochas, 6 rounds, junior lightweights Alexander Villa vs. Hugo Barajas, 4 rounds, junior lightweights Jair Campos vs. Leonardo Cervantes, 4 rounds, featherweights Oscar Larios vs. Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 4 rounds, junior middleweights Walter Loera vs. Angel Fernando Lambarena, 4 rounds, welterweights Jose Manuel Garcia vs. Luis Guzman, 4 rounds, lightweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday February 11th 2017 At Fort Washington, Md.: Mykal Fox vs. Tre'Sean Wiggins, 8 rounds, junior welterweights Luther Smith vs. Darnell Pierce, 6 rounds, cruiserweights Sam Crossed vs. Hafiz Montgomery, 6 rounds, cruiserweights Marcus Bates vs. Jose Elizondo, 6 rounds, junior featherweights Christopher Warden vs. Lamont White, 4 rounds, junior welterweights Patrick Rivera vs. Gregory Clark, 4 rounds, super middleweights Justin Hurd vs. Dawond Pickney, 4 rounds, junior middleweights Greg Outlaw Jr. vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior middleweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday February 11th 2017 Hard Rock Casino, Biloxi, Miss.: Regis Prograis vs. Wilfrido Buelvas, 10 rounds, NABF super lightweight title Eric Walker vs. TBA, 8 rounds, junior middleweights Cedric Agnew vs. TBA, 8 rounds, light heavyweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday February 11th 2017 Westcroft Leisure Centre, Carshalton, Surrey, England: Lenny Daws vs. Anthony Yigit, 12 rounds, vacant EBU (European) super lightweight title Craig Whyatt vs. Josh Thorne, 4 rounds, lightweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday February 11th 2017 Arena Jalisco, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (Argentina TyC Sports) Juan Jose Velasco 14 0 0 vs Fernando Marin 13 1 3, 10 rounds, WBA Fedebol welterweight title Jose Matias Romero 12 0 0 vs Bernardo Gomez Uribe 18 6 0, 8 rounds, Super Featherweight Filiberto Tovar 5 0 0 vs Lawrence Elizondo 8 1 0, 8 rounds, Heavyweight Jairo Llanes 9 1 1 vs Emmanuel Valenzuela 4 6 0, 6 rounds, Lightweight Helio Napoles 2 2 0 vs Carlos Mauricio Rochas 1 2 0, 6 rounds, Super Featherweight Alexander Villa 3 0 0 vs Hugo Barajas 0 2 1, 4 rounds, Super Featherweight Jair Campos 1 0 0 vs Leonardo Cervantes 1 8 0, 4 rounds, Featherweight Oscar Larios (debut) vs Juan Carlos Gonzalez (debut), 4 rounds, Super Welterweight Walter De Loera 1 0 0 vs Angel Lambarena 0 1 0, 4 rounds Welterweight Manuel Garcia 1 0 0 vs Luis Miguel Guzman 0 1 0, 4 rounds, Super Lightweight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... except for HIV and Cancer.... Those just mess you up for life.
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    Dam! I know most pros don't like it but this is the exact reason they make no contact/face saver type headgear, to prevent fight cancellation injuries during sparring/training
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    Uhhhhhhhh! yo boxingworld dude! Mega Jeff Horn Pacquiao Manny is at the end of the road, Jeff Horn is not even a road, and Mega should be more like "Meh"
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    throw the book at the motherfucker. inexcusable.
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    She will not return to ufc now if she returns doesn't make any difference she still going to get ko
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    He just stuck to 1 division his whole career, & let's be honest he was a titlist but was never the real champ in that division because he fought in the Calzaghe Ward era.
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    Its not like he was Hagler who was lineal champ at his weight & ruled the division for years. He stuck to one division & never even became the champ. If he had gone up to 175 & beaten some top fighters I think it would have helped his claim.
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    following Bj Penn , who was like one of the first fighters to ever train with conte , SNAC is littered with mmghey wannabes