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    Source: ESPN Who's winning this? Lunatic Boner or ring rusty Vargas? Weight will suit Vargas more than Boner.
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    Taylor's the real deal. Needs a few more fights then off to the USA.
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    Gamal gassed terribly and looked weak after R6. He was never beating the vastly experienced McDonnell anywayz. His brother Jamie McDonnell gets the Inoue fight confirmed for May 25.
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    Former IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook (37-2, 26 KOs) stopped Siarhei Rabchenko (29-3, 22 KOs) in the second round to win the WBC silver belt in his 154lb debut on Saturday night at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England. A right hand dropped Rabchanko to end it. In a clash between brothers of current WBA world champions, super bantamweight Gavin McDonnell (19-1-2, 5 KOs) hammered out a twelve round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Gamal Yafai (14-1, 7 KOs) to claim the WBC international title. Scores were 116-112, 116-112 and 117-113. Gavin is the brother of WBA regular bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell. Gamal is the brother of WBA super flyweight champion Khalid Yafai. A rematch between heavyweights Lenroy Thomas (22-4-1, 10 KOs) and David Allen 12-3-2, 9 KOs) ended in a technical draw after Allen was cut over the right eye in a first round headclash. The Commonwealth belt was at stake. fightnews.com
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    By Arvin Nundloll at ringside Jose “Bolivita” Uzcategui (27-2, 23 KOs) claimed the IBF’s interim 168-pound world title with a one-sided beating over Andre Dirrell (26-3, 16 KOs) on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dirrell didn’t come out for round nine. After a brief delay filled with confusion, Dirrell and Uzcategui brawled it out in a rematch for the interim IBF Super Middleweight Championship belt in a scheduled 12 round bout. Dirrell the sharper puncher but he couldn’t contain Uzcategui’s aggression and found himself eating some heavy handed shots that led to his corner stopping the fight at the beginning of round 9. Dirrell started off defensive, using his jab to keep Uzcategui away while he took his time to figure out the optimal distance and feel Uzcategui’s power. As the rounds progressed Uzcategui began stalking down Dirrell, throwing hooks to the body where possible but still eating counter jabs back from Dirrell. Right at the sound of the bell indicating the 3rd round ended, Uzcategui landed a flush right to the body that forced Dirrell to take a knee but did not count as a knockdown. The 4th round saw Uzcategui come out with a point to prove as he dominated the round by neutralizing Dirrell’s reach with the jab by staying in the pocket. Round 8 was a rock-em sock-em round with both fighters tearing each other apart with vicious hooks to the body and uppercuts that sent shudders throughout the arena. In a twist of events, Dirrell’s corner stopped the fight at the beginning of 9 due to an injury with his right arm. Official time of the stoppage was 0:02 of Round 9. Uzcategui picks up the interim belt and moves to 27-2, 23 KO’s while Dirrell falls to 26-3, 16 KO’s.
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    Must be some sort of a mug to even consider doing something as foolish as this. Deserves everything he gets (if its true).
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    I see the end of the line for Quigg here. I don't even see it as a 50:50 fight.
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    who carries 150,000 pesos worth of cash a jewelry in a bag in a club?
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    Jajaja I love it It's wierd though that some people who don't even know about boxing are talking about this. Makes me almost think it was a publicity stunt or something.
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    What the heck is Dirrell doing with Hunter in his corner anyway? what happened to his uncle there was some weird shit going on in his corner.
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    Agreed it was absurd a fighter that hasnt progressed past British level could be mad favourite, although Yafai was highly regarded by the pundits over here!! Kell looked sharp, but he could have done with a few more rounds!
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    i cant' believe Mcdonnel was such a big underdog vs Yafai. What were the oddsmakers thinking, Fuck i should of bet on him!!!
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    Super featherweight Jayson “La Maravilla” Velez (26-4-1, 18 KOs) scored a twelfth round knockout over popular two-time former world champion Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez (35-6, 32 KOs) on Saturday night at the Coliseo Mario “Quijote” Morales in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. Velez maintained an aggressive pace, exploding hard left hooks to Lopez’s face along with violent uppercuts. After twelve rounds of punishment, Juanma finally went down. Time was 1:54. The 34-year-old Juanma has now been stopped in three of his last four fights. “I said I was going to give him twelve rounds and I did,” Velez said. “In twelfth, I knocked him out. I felt his hands at the beginning of the fight. He hits hard. We were able to adjust and continue with our fight plan. I was able to demonstrate what I’m capable of. Now I hope those big fights will come!” “This is the fulfillment of a commitment that Universal Promotions made to Jayson Vélez,” said Universal Promotions President Javier Bustillo. “It’s the beginning of great things we have planned to do with Jayson, which will put us on top of world boxing.” In the co-feature, WBC Latino super featherweight beltholder Alberto “Transformer” Mercado (14-1-1, 3 KOs) scored an eight round unanious decision over former contender José “Miau” Nieves (22-4-3, 11 KOs). The judges’ cards were 79-73, 78-74 and 77-75. fightnews.com
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    people thought the long awaited gamboa-juanma fight might finally happen if he got a win here but alas it is not meant to be.
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    this guy is legit, i was so impressed with his stoppage of el titere i hope he fights a big name soon. He's calling out Mikey Garcia i think that's too much too soon but it's good to see he's confident.
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    Respect to Ortiz. He fought great & damned near got the stoppage. The referee had to intervene & give Wilder extra time to recover cause Ortiz had him hurt so bad. Good fight overall.
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    not you brah , you aint a causal . duck was stated above by fake parlay nate ^^^^^^^^^^^ my nigg after a whole bunch of MAB and EM Pac EARNED a break lets be fair
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    yeah, but zlactianin and lipinets, though? at least pick someone people have heard of. at least people heard of juan ruiz.
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    what, am i supposed to like him because he's mexican? if anything, it proves how unbiased and fair i am. yay me!
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    Just not fair IMO, also note the ref's facial expression, that has to be the world's most reluctant hand raise by a ref.
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    brah, mcgregor is smashing it, brah!
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    Omar Figueroa - Boner's opponent - DUI. Link 170lbs when arrested - 30lbs overweight for the limit....
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    wait a minute....I thought it was against the law for members of this forum to see anyone under 140. what gives?
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    i stopped reading right there.