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    Yea he HITTED him more than once
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    Canelo looking kind of midgety & small in this faceoff. I didn't think there was this much of a height difference. Canelo getting stopped.
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    Who the fuck actually knows what the colour 'Teal' looks like
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    thanks for the positive reps nate but my sincere advice was done to help you do the right thing , not just a message board post.
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    Your jokes are almost as shallow as your relationship with your dad , you should blow that redneck right off your shoulders nate , stream that shit live on facebook like your heros do out in yolo dont worry we will make a thread
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    well i think since your belief is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo strong you should make a sign hang it around your neck drive out to the bay and jump off the bridge to make your point it will get you what you always wanted ....Facebook famous
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    right fear of crossing the street still nate? those shifty drug dealers might run up on ya too rambo ?
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    you seem to be an expert on dabbing please share your vast knowledge
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    thats one thing i can't understand....why are people so excited about ppv numbers? who the fuck wants to pay to watch a fight?
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    The hotly-anticipated contest between Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will take place in Las Vegas on Mexican Independence Day, it has been announced. The Middleweight world title clash was finally confirmed last month, and will take place on September 16 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, as GGG defends his IBF, WBA and WBC world titles, while Alvarez also puts The Ring middleweight title on the line. "I am thrilled to return to T-Mobile Arena, and to give the fans the best fight that can be made in our sport today," Canelo said. http://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/10905571/saul-canelo-alvarez-v-gennady-golovkin-bout-set-for-las-vegas
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    remember all that talk about boxing being dead, that the ufc took over, etc dana white, connie McGregor, and the entire ufc just bent over, grabbed their ankles, and were penetrated by boxing and by Floyd. check mate!
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    Connor will get fucking humiliated and this fight will be stopped!
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    Conor doesn't stand a chance, but Floyd stands even less of a chance in an MMA cage. What has Conor got to lose? He loses, gets a fat ass pay cheque yet walks away knowing in a real fight he beats this man down with ease. He is brilliant...
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    You know less than basic information about many of the forms of combat that you have quoted and make the assumption that they are ineffective based upon virtually no knowledge about them; that's pretty damned fucking stupid in my opinion!
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    bruce was documented to have benched 265 while he weighed 140 , weak ass bitch
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    He cant even spell the fucking name of his hero right
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    Josh you talk so much bollocks about martial arts its embarassing; wind your neck in ffs
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    Yeah its an easy payday for both guys. Even though Floyd is retired he couldn't resist one last cherry pick.
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    Easy money for Connor, he will be out for the count within 5 minutes!!
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    People are suckers to want to see this farce.
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    The composure and control was outstanding as you would expect!
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    GGG will hurt Canelo bad, I don't have him winning the fight unless he can avoid the body shots coming his way!
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    wrong as usual , if you lurked worth anything you would have read , I got GGG slightly mostly because he is bigger not better but ginger despite the haters here is very live and could easily win i wont be on suicide watch tho if ginger wins like a few here will be , cant wait for this mega fight
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    Still a big step up in quality for Smith and a World title on the line; he aint all that damaged!!
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    Fucking snake in the grass shit that; no fucking morals!!
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    Dam I saw him in an interview where he Jackson confirmed the rumor as being true
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    Rigondeaux will destroy Flores... What the hell...??? Just statements that he will defeat Flores.. The real things will be in the ring when both players are standing and ready to fight...
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    Lol he wants to fight all these pussy ass mother fukers keep pulling out scared haha called out first time haha remember nonito called him out too where do u invent this stuff the shower
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    Other eye this time, but I would say his best bet is to quit.
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    BoxingScene.com has received a copy of a statement issued by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) that calls for the banishment of Andre Dirrell's trainer Leon Lawson. The World Boxing Council has also announced that it has indefinitely suspended Lawson from participating in any WBC sanctioned fight in any form or manner and that they want to meet with him to try to help him with this grave situation. The statements from the ABC and WBC stem from the post fight incident that occurred immediately after Dirrell's 8th round disqualification victory over Jose Uzcategui on Saturday night in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Uzcategui dropped Dirrell face first with a three punch combination. The last punch landed just after the bell sounded to end the round. He had previously been warned by referee for punching after the bell. http://www.boxingscene.com/abc-calls-ban-dirrells-trainer-due-post-fight-assault--116851?print_friendly=1
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    for all those who said it never happens http://www.boxingscene.com/canelo-vs-golovkin-deal-finalized-september--116355
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    Fool where you keep the rims & tires....before your life expires...I'm as nutty as Michael Myers.
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    I got that fire...I got that fire so Holla at your boy if you want that oscar meyer.. lol rap is so fucking stupid.
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    What numbers are you talking about? PBC has lost almost a billion dollars putting fights on network tv. Lmao they can't even give these fights away. Hbo is showing less fights than they ever have.
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    What PPV numbers? Canelo vs Chavez was a mexican PPV. Klitscko Joshua was a euro PPV. Boxing is going down in the U.S there are no U.S Boxing PPV attractions. Haymon thought bringing boxing back to free t.v in the U S was the answer but it backfired in a major way.