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    Yes mate we knew he couldn’t box, but he did almost win , to say he has no boxing IQ or had trouble getting his offense off wasn’t the case as joshybullshit tried to imply .Experience will always prevail its how Kovlaev survived not being stopped. I watched zero YardE fights before Kovlaev and knew he wouldn’t win , you watched a bunch and thought he would , what gives with that , but now come like a jilted bride to trash him I don’t know where YardE goes but with a proper trainer he can be better
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    WEIGH-IN ALERT: SERGEY KOVALEV 174.6 ANTHONY YARDE 173.9 Yarde's first real test, and possibly Kovalev's last fight. Yarde looks a bit like Spence
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    Well we knew YardE couldn't box, but he's proved he cant fight now, too. He had Kov beat in R8 and couldn't finish him off - Kov's corner clearly said 'take one more blow like that and I'm pulling you out' - but YardE had gassed and made a shambles of R9. Difficult to see where YardE goes from here as he's been found out. He will never beat a 'proper' boxer at World level and unless he wants to drop back to EU level doesn't have much of a future (for me).
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    Oh yea crackhead where did I use the word outstanding I saw the fight and broke it down , in English above your just looking stupid as usual nothing you claimed happened , sorry we know you dont know shit about boxing but you don’t have to keep reenforcing it we get it
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    Can’t say I wasn’t impressed with YardE, dude literally went from the streets to world class and nearly won , that being said he needs a better trainer and training to be a factor against the under 36 group in his weight class . He doesn’t even possess a jab just basic 101 stuff
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    Never heard of this belief of Yard about less sparring. But we'll find out I guess.
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    WEEK 34 Thursday USA – DAZN – Feliciano-Gamez USA – NBC Sports Chicago – 10PM CT – Feliciano-Gamez Friday South Africa – Super Sport – 19:30 – Knapp-Zhuravskiy Argentina – TyC Sports – 22:00 – Boxeo de Primera – Lemos-Eniz Nicaragua – Prodesa (youtube) – Espinoza-Flores USA – Showtime – 10PM ET – Shobox: The New Generation – Shishkin-Ware USA – Murphy's Boxing (youtube) – Gongora-Zavala USA – Thompson Boxing (youtube) – Sanchez-Rodriguez Saturday USA – ESPN+ – 12:30PM ET – Kovalev-Yarde USA – Fox Sports 1 – 7PM ET – Figueroa-Chacon USA – DAZN – Estrada-Beamon USA – UFC Fight Pass – 10PM ET – Coyle-Ramirez Argentina – DirecTV – ? time – Bea-TBA Nicaragua – Prodesa (youtube) – Rosales-Quezada Mexico – TV Azteca – 10:30 CT Mexico – Televisa – 10:30PM CT
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    How was it formulated? “The BoxRec all time ratings should reflect the accumulated success over a boxer’s career independent of the weight divisions.”
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    This list has been making the rounds, and generating a good bit of buzz on social media. https://www.badlefthook.com/2019/8/16/20809310/further-understanding-boxrec-rankings-floyd-mayweather-goat-list-greatest-all-time-boxing
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    What exactly is a crock of horeshit mija? Did you cash any bets on this fight?
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    Yarde fights like alot of these young guys who want to look impressive doing the shoulder roll & keeping their lead hand way too low. He does have some decent punching technique but is lacking in fundamental areas & his boxing IQ in general is lacking. He really struglles to set up his offense & he doesn't control the distance between him & his opponent very well at all. I cashed in a little bet on this, placed it after watching Fouts Boxings breakdown on YT & researching on my own also.
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    Rough way to go RIP Champ
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    One of the funniest things I've seen in boxing is when pea pulled down roger mayweathers trunks during a referee seperation. Next round roger cane out & put him on his ass. That was a good one. Even the ref ate a punch.
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    His wife & kids maybe? I can see it being a possibility after they watched him almost get ktfo.
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    What was wrong with my breakdown? Everything I said was true.
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    I didn't watch the kovalev fight yet i watched yards previous fights. And I cashed my bet so I think I understand what I saw well enough
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    What a whopping number that is. He landed 5 more punches than gatekeeper Chilemba! Wow you got me!
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    Boy I'm gonna have to check this fight out. To hear you tell it Yarde gave a outstanding performance.
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    Everything I mentioned about him in my original post is true & I can post evidence supporting everything I said. I never predicted exactly how the fight would go. All I did was list some big flaws in his style & place a bet on Kovalev to win. That's it mija.
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    I havent seen the fight yet. If you're so eager to see exactly what I'm talking about look at the fight Yarde had right before Kovalev, that fight had all his flaws on display.
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    Instead of wasting time playing games with reputation you should save face and prove your “ points “ but I get it , your bullshit gets called and you get all chicken shit in a fight what do you do run ?
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    Oh right you never been in a fight
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    I know how protective you are of your precious upvotes. But I downvote you anyway. I flat out cant watch the fight today. No time mija so it'll have to wait.
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    What’s the problem crackhead are you living in the Corolla already? smh find a nice spot under a bridge to spend the night , dont want you getting raped I know you can’t back up your bullshit , no worries crackhead nate I ain’t losing no sleep, you been fulla shit for years