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    thats because you're a moron, a communist, and a soul-less individual.
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    Why do we have to put up with this shit; a fight with Connor and Floyd was a big thing, but this has no relevance or importance what so ever!!
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    Dont waste your time he is fucking poop
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    Mikey has done a "Froch" and swerved him https://www.boxing247.com/boxing-news/mikey-garcia-jorge-linares-2/84517
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    that's ok...i don't mind that. this is a boxing forum. i don't give a damn about mma.
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    Deontay will give Anthony Joshua a red white & blue all American ass whooping mofo. no debate
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    A few days ago, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (38-0, 37 KOs) made it loud and clear that he was willing to fight Dillian Whyte - if promoter Eddie Hearn can guarantee, in a binding contract, that IBF, IBO, WBA world champion Anthony Joshua would be the very next opponent. Joshua returned on Saturday night, when he retained his belts with a tenth round stoppage over late replacement Carlos Takam at Principality in Cardiff. Whyte saw action on the undercard, winning a twelve round unanimous decision over Robert Helenius. Hearn has been pushing for a February showdown between Wilder and Whyte at the O2 Arena in London. Hearn has made an offer to Wilder of $3 million plus the American TV revenue. Wilder would be open to doing the fight - if Hearn guarantees Joshua is next. "If they want to see that fight, I have no problems fighting that fight, as long as that contract says I have Anthony Joshua next. I will go anywhere in the world to show Dillian Whyte who is the best in the world. Put Anthony Joshua on that contract and I will come to England. Dillian Whyte is an easy fight, I can fight that fight in my sleep, one hand behind my back," Wilder told Sky Sports. "I am the heavyweight champion of the world, I want to unify the heavyweight division and I won't stop until I do that. If Eddie Hearn wants me to fight Dillian Whyte, I have no problem smashing Dillian Whyte but make sure, when you have that contract, you add Anthony Joshua, because I am going to come and knock down that kingdom that I helped build up." But Hearn is not looking to go in that direction. He feels strongly that by Wilder coming over to the UK to face Whyte - it will only make the Joshua fight bigger. And he says a victory would give Wilder a revenue boost in the Joshua bout. However, Hearn is not going to make a contractual clause for Wilder that guarantees him a fight with Joshua. "No, it doesn’t work that way," said Hearn to Metro when asked if Wilder would get a guarantee to fight Joshua. from boxingscene.com
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    Dominic Breazeale has secured the WBC’s mandatory challenger spot by stopping Eric Molina on Saturday night. The American stopped Molina in the eighth round of their heavyweight contest after his opponent’s corner stopped the fight. Breazeale lost the IBF title to Anthony Joshua in June 2016, the only defeat on his 19-1 record and is now the next in line to face Deontay Wilder.
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    The World Boxing Association (WBA) Board of Directors voted in favor of the “Fair Boxing” program being implemented in a compulsory way in the regional and world fighting championships for the top 15 rankings of the organization. During the second shift of the WBA Board Meeting, they agreed by voting that boxers for this type of fights should be enrolled in the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) program. The motion was proposed by the President of the WBA, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, as a way to achieve a fairer sport. Mendoza invited all organizations that have not joined to work together with VADA, and do it now to the boxing’s benefit. The executive explained that being registered in the association’s program does not mean that fighters will be tested for each fight, but tests will be done randomly as it is done normally by VADA. He also explained that if it is necessary, promoters can request tests before the fights and take charge of the costs arising. After the motion was approved, the Board left the responsibility of creating a committee to manage and carry out the program on Mendoza’s behalf. from boxingscene.com
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    I have to agree, 4 mil is great money & it would of been a good set up fight for AJ
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    haha I can see him salivating at the thought Dont be too disappointed mate
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    Some boxers will still try to cheat, but a great idea for sure
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    Well I’m biased towards boxing since I grew up in the 70-80s. I think that in a fight a good boxer wins 90% of the time. Unless he’s taken into his back. But in that scenario going for an eye is illegal. That’s why I think mma rules favor the grapplers. Either give the grappler to the count of 8 to submit or restand or get rid of the gloves and just use hand wraps to even it up. I think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’d watch a hybrid fight between mma and boxing but not straight crossovers again. The last boxer to kick mma ass was Jeremy Williams who went what 7-0? He handled mma pretty easily. Duran fought a hybrid match vs a 220lbs Japanese wrestler and lost but I think if it were no gloves that Duran would have Koed him instead of just the early knockdown. Yeah a hybrid match that doesn’t favor wrestlers works for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fuck that mate with the change of opponent no way; gonna grab me a lovely stream
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