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    Dammm! looking like a small continent, I bet he can deliver a most solid punch at that weight
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    Best cruiserweight in the world in his day. Not seen many better at CW. Threw it all away for a division he wasnt a natural in plus all the dollar sloshing around. Likes to pretend he is "from the streets" but he actually had a middle-class upbringing. No one wil miss him now - a sad legacy and will be remembered more for his shameless ducking outta fights with faux injuries than his prowess at CW. Good riddance. He now has a stable of up'n comers under the "Hayemaker Ringstar" banner inc HW Joe Joyce and MMA 'star' MVP who has now won 2 boxing matches by KO. See my Week-24 posts for the action...
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    anybody care ? https://www.boxingscene.com/david-haye-statement-retirement-boxing--129038
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    One sided fight in favor of Crawford, or an even match???
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    Even Jesse Vargas may give him a run for his money. I expected a little more from him when he fought Crawford. You and @mexfighter called it.
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    too bad mike drank the water before he tossed it , he musta forgot
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    Horn can't compete with the very top guys in the division. If he decides to step up & fight a big name again I think he should look to fight guys like Jesse Vargas, Sadam Ali & Broner. He should stay away from Spence,Garcia & Thurman etc who would give him another embarrasing loss.
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    I'm thinking his statement will be "See, the robbery vs pac proves i'm mediocre, at best."
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    Just a statement!
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    Wow a thread on Boxing! We dont get many of those! Can't help but think this is a mismatch. Crawford gonna punish Horn i think it might be a stoppage. Horn was apprehensive about taking this fight, we kept hearing that he was demanding a ridiculous sum of money to fight Crawford. It wouldn't suprise me if he decides to come in overweight on purpose so he has an extra size advantage on Saturday. More cushion for those blows hes gonna be taking.
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    Ali's loss t Munguia, in such a manner that it takes away from his victory over retiring/older Cotto.
  17. 1 point
    Munguia hurt Ali early and often until the fight was waved off. Munguia 's left hook is legit