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    that makes sense. if they regularly allowed normal boxers to participate i'm sure people would be lining up to get a chance to KO a cop. Especially in these times jaja
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    This is a video I made after we went with 2 of our fighters to Central California Battle Of The Badges last weekend. We went 1-1. The guys fought well and it was a pretty cool event :-)
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    Police, fire, military, emergency medical services etc. Sometimes regular boxers get to fill vacant slots as well.
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    Bad decision, why risk jail when you are loaded? " New York police are seeking to question UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor after he and members of his entourage allegedly attacked a bus and left fighter Michael Chiesa injured, a police spokesman told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. No warrant has been issued for McGregor's arrest – something that UFC President Dana White told reporters had taken place – after an incident occurred as McGregor made an unscheduled appearance as part of UFC 223 media day at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, according to Lt. Tarik Sheppard of New York Police Department's Deputy Commissioner Public Information office. "We don't even have a report (filed) where we could obtain a warrant," Sheppard told USA TODAY Sports. White told reporters that there "is a warrant out for Conor McGregor's arrest and they are looking for him right now." Chiesa, who is scheduled to fight Anthony Pettis, suffered cuts to his face when objects were tossed at a bus that was at Barclays to transport UFC 223 fighters back to the hotel, White said. " USA Today story
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    Fuck freckles! He knew that tainted meat over abused excuse was not going to fly with NSAC. They should ban his ass for a long time and force him to watch all future 3G's defenses of his titles while eating USDA grade beef.
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    The Whyte fight is too dangerous for Deyonce cos he might actually lose and then the big AJ payday is off. When he loses to AJ, when not if, Deyonce will want to take some serious money back to the States cos he will be minus his belt. Sulaiman might force the issue shortly cos he could name Whyte as Deyonce's mandatory so the only way he can swerve Whyte then is by a unification fight with AJ (as a unification can trump a mandatory.)