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    Yes, this was a great fight. I had hoped Shields would get a stoppage and could see at the end she was trying to. I was impressed by how composed Shields was, & how she listened to her corner and stuck to the plan. I liked the combination of coming forward and boxing and countering from the outside. Hammer was not so sassy after the fight lol but I supposed she displayed that she had a chin, lol.
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    I agree. Hammer has reach and has won many of her fights using just that. If Shields has improved any defensive holes I think she will come out on top. Her training has been impressive. I know she was training with John David Jackson in FL... They have cast a bitter rivalry between them (the fighters) which just adds to the drama. I agree, more big name fights would be great. Hardy vs anyone ever with talent would be great to see - Braekus vs Mc Carter would be a good on as well.
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    Shields did a great job. Dominated Hammer from rd 1 on & had her holding on for dear life towards the end.
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    I like the guy. That left hook plus the chopping angles sure to knock your head off......the money must be running low Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Hammer needs to work on countering with her right hand. When someone gets past her jab Hammer needs to be able to throw a counter right hand straight down the pipe OR an uppercut a la lucien bute & zab judah. It seemed like she just grabbed & held a lot, moved away or starting winging shots. She struggled to land any good counters that would put some doubt in shields offense & make her back off & think twice before advancing.
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    Just saw Hammers DQ victory where she basically got KO'd & now feel like Shields will take this. Hammer will put some rounds in the bank but I think Shields eventually gets to her & gets a tko. No bets though.
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    Shields opened up as a -400 fav & I believe is sitting at around -350 now. I'm curious whether or not she deserves that price tag. I honestly think it's just a matter of time till she gets beat & if Hanmer is the one to do it I may be able to cash in. Time for research!
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    I need to do more research on Hammer but I think she has the right style to give Shields problems it's just a matter if she can outbox her all fight without getting overwhelmed & succumbing to the pressure. Good to see two big name female fighters square off against eatchother. Would like to see Serrano,Taylor, Hardy & Braekus mix it up as well.
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