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    As Conor McGregor prepares for the biggest fight of his life just one month away as he faces Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, he’s moved his camp to Las Vegas where he’s been working with several new training partners. Retired boxing champion and Showtime color commentator Paulie Malignaggi joined the ranks of McGregor’s team last week when he showed up to offer the UFC champion some sparring rounds after a critical assessment of his chances to beat Mayweather in a boxing match. http://www.mmaweekly.com/paulie-malignaggi-critical-of-conor-mcgregors-knockout-power-for-boxing
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    Good read. I myself think power and chins we all posses. But to me it is the timing of the punch landed, and also the timing of the punch received that produces the desired effects.
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    thats because you're a moron, a communist, and a soul-less individual.
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    Why do we have to put up with this shit; a fight with Connor and Floyd was a big thing, but this has no relevance or importance what so ever!!
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    josueb went 134-1 after fighting the black guy
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    And the fact is that these are all made up categories that resemble styles of famous boxers over the years. Does it really matter if someone is a slugger vs a brawler? What are the subtle differences between the 2? Also, ... Couldn't a volume puncher be a swarmer if he is winning on work rate? Maybe a pressure fighter has shitty technique but the slugger throws punches with good technique. It depends on the fighter. I love when I read online articles that make these definitions 'absolutes' lmao. Have you guys ever these old school adages: Swarmer beats Boxer Slugger beats Swarmer Boxer beats Slugger Just as simple as ... " With a southpaw ALWAYS keep your lead foot outside his." .... Maybe, ..Maybe not.
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    actually no...in mexico, they call it bending. yes, they use the English word. no lie...I wasn't talking shit.
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    Hmmm, Canelo by split. I don't think size is an issue only because if I heard correctly Canelo's last fight he weighed in a few lbs lighter. He looks bigger than GGG but I think it's more appearance than anything else. They are both good fighters. I am rooting for Canelo more because I can't stand Golovkins mouth lol
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    humble champions are always the best , thanks for the post G
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    On the plus side he has finally proved that he still has the ability to knock someone out
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    LOL...please don't speak on things you know nothing of. And I am speaking to the two 70 year old boxing prudes in the room. I stopped listening to them when they claimed Caenelo was an overrated bum. I accepted that shitty opinion but leave MMA out of your 70 year old mouths.
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    haha a few of us around here must have been suffering with that for years
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    Weak... The attitude anyway. I saw him (Davis) on Instagram talking about the people he thought were with him turning their backs ... To lose a belt and potentially be fined over 2lbs is big shit. Making weight is HARD sometimes..esp if it's not a weight you can easily maintain but at this level.. I expect guys to make weight by the time they step on the scale. smh Hmm.... lol
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    alright boxingpro , welcome to the site , your name doesnt ring a bell but you musta posted some kinda self advertisement under another name and that account was flagged ? you only have one post the one I quoted we allow all types of links depending on the agenda of the subject , if your here to discuss boxing with the WBF community and post links related to discussions then by all means , but the Owner/Admin is sole proprietor of WBF and doesnt take kindly to others driving by to promote their personal agendas on his coin and those accounts are terminated
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    The wobbly arm movement would have about as much effect as this
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    Oh fuckkk he is in bigger trouble than I thought
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    This fight is happening tonight. A lot of haters or people talking smack about it... but I will take this over the Maygregor circus any day. I have never heard of Adler ... 16-0 most of her fights in Germany. Shields has the resume, international experience and technique to stay on top until the talent pool grows. Until then I am eager to see if she will steamroll over this girl like all the rest.
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    ha not just some chic 5 weight division champ amanda serrano , she is training to go mma
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    Make it a double booking - AJ would KO the pair of them on the same night. And still not break sweat.
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    Forum is ace to use GRIM. No applets or tags to ass around with when inserting pix or vidz. Seems stable now too. Props to u.
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    Meanwhile while the big fights are going down... Hmmm? This just happened. Hoping it's 'Alternative News ' lol.
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    after watching english football, i noticed that the english call everyone boy, regardless of race. they call ronaldo boy, rooney boy, vidic boy. "that boy made a great tackle" "that boy scored a beautiful goal". only in the u.s. is it considered racist. mcgregor isn't.
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    I have to agree on that Floyd makes more money out of this fight than he does by facing anyone else as does Connor
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    Fucking hell your hard to please he is a novice in the pro ranks the hand speed and the power geneerated was exceptional, he destroyed him!
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    Yea he HITTED him more than once
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    It was bad ass to be able to watch these fights without the mad spam of some of the other methods of getting fight streams... but I think that Granados outworked Broner, Just saying. :-)
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    Lets ignore that he uinfied two of the belts eh also beating Pascal, Abraham, Kessler, Jermaine Taylor and Lucian Bute to name a few....his record and level of opponent at least suggest he is worthy of consideration; he was in a division full of quality and was able to comfortably make weight so why would he go up??
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    He just stuck to one division his wholre career what kind of fucking reason is that
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    I'm thinking Eubank Jr would destroy 3G, Yeah you read it right "destroy" bring it Why do I think this you ask simple he goes hard in the ring, I was anti Chris Eubank Jr but after re watching his fights I see things different now, this guy is an animal in the ring. He might not hit as hard as the claimed 3G but he hits more often and with intensity.
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    Sounds as if he had been a little apologetic over it, the judge would have been a little easier on him!
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    "Kinda stupid to just punch over & over for your entire life when there are so many other techniques to learn. If aliens were looking down & saw an MMA fight & a boxing match happening simultaneously they would think the boxers are retarded or something cause they just stand there & punch each other in the face over & over again lol" LOL