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    Best cruiserweight in the world in his day. Not seen many better at CW. Threw it all away for a division he wasnt a natural in plus all the dollar sloshing around. Likes to pretend he is "from the streets" but he actually had a middle-class upbringing. No one wil miss him now - a sad legacy and will be remembered more for his shameless ducking outta fights with faux injuries than his prowess at CW. Good riddance. He now has a stable of up'n comers under the "Hayemaker Ringstar" banner inc HW Joe Joyce and MMA 'star' MVP who has now won 2 boxing matches by KO. See my Week-24 posts for the action...
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    Dammm! looking like a small continent, I bet he can deliver a most solid punch at that weight
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    Source: ESPN Who's winning this? Lunatic Boner or ring rusty Vargas? Weight will suit Vargas more than Boner.
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    The Contender, the show that jump-started the careers of future titleholders like Ishe Smith and Sergio Mora, is returning to television. The boxing reality series will come back in the fall with a new, 12-episode season on EPIX, it was announced Monday. Sixteen fighters will battle it out for a six-figure prize, and more importantly, to grab recognition in an attempt to springboard their careers. “Boxing belongs on premium pay television and there is no better home for The Contenderthan EPIX,” said series producer Mark Burnett, a guru of reality TV responsible for shows like Shark Tank and The Apprentice. “We will tell stories of the fighters, the families and their difficult journeys in the emotionally compelling Contender style so that viewers get to vicariously walk a mile in the boxers’ shoes.” The weight class of the fighters wasn’t revealed, but the athletes will be divided into two teams to train, with a “renowned boxing coach” overseeing each squad. The show debuted in 2005 on NBC and ran each of the next three years, with the network home moving to ESPN for Seasons 2 and 3 before it culminated on Versus (now NBCSN). This is the first time the show will be on premium cable, which should add a new element with far less censorship. “The Contender has launched the careers of many fighters, with some Contenders taking world titles,” said Michael Wright, President of EPIX, a network that once televise boxing matches like Alexander Povetkin-Marco Huck and David Haye-Dereck Chisora. “But this new iteration of the series will also showcase the heart, spirit and dramatic personal stories of these fighters as they fight in and out of the ring to realize their dreams. “This is not only real boxing, but real, raw human storytelling from the best unscripted television production team in the world.”
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    Cant lend credibility to anyone who uses cooney as a comparasion to canelo come on brah we watched
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    Nope none at all, he had his chances.
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    The top end of womens boxing is becoming a good watch; I guess it will be more readily accepted when there are more fighters in a division that can show off good quality skills!
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    Coach got tagged on the chin and went down hard, maybe the coach has a glass jaw
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    we all got bamboozled , rigo goes 12 rds at times throws nill and just moves and has no issues boring people to the point they walk out during his fights, but now landing around 3 punches a round took such a mental toll he quit after 5 rds
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    rigo wasn't close to death, didn't have anything broken.....well, except his spirit and will to fight. like i said before, he's used to beating up on teenagers with head gear on. he fought a tough guy and couldn't handle the pressure and took the easy way out.
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    Personally I think its a load of bollocks, if your fucked up mentally, badly hurt, have a number of injuries and can hardly stand because you have been worn down its the sensible thing to step down - too many heroes have ended up with brain damage - The Warrior Code
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    The comments were made when he fought Tom Farrell in Liverpool; its a long story but the Sun newspaper reported on a disaster involving Liverpool Supporters were a number of them were killed - the paper lied saying fans were robbing the bodies of the dead fans and urinating on the corpses whist stopping the emergency services from treating the injured culminating in a number of deaths - the scale of the cover up on what actually happened has spanned 26 years and involved the then Priminister, the football club were the incident took place and the Police!! His comments would have been considered inflammatory!!
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    I'm leaning towards Parker myself. I think his handspeed will be a factor. Looks like Kell Brook just pulled out of his fight on this card.
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    Even Jesse Vargas may give him a run for his money. I expected a little more from him when he fought Crawford. You and @mexfighter called it.
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    people criticize him for not unifying belts, now he's going to do it, and now hes cherry picking. fuck off, puto.
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    Fuck freckles! He knew that tainted meat over abused excuse was not going to fly with NSAC. They should ban his ass for a long time and force him to watch all future 3G's defenses of his titles while eating USDA grade beef.
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    Former IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook (37-2, 26 KOs) stopped Siarhei Rabchenko (29-3, 22 KOs) in the second round to win the WBC silver belt in his 154lb debut on Saturday night at the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England. A right hand dropped Rabchanko to end it. In a clash between brothers of current WBA world champions, super bantamweight Gavin McDonnell (19-1-2, 5 KOs) hammered out a twelve round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Gamal Yafai (14-1, 7 KOs) to claim the WBC international title. Scores were 116-112, 116-112 and 117-113. Gavin is the brother of WBA regular bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell. Gamal is the brother of WBA super flyweight champion Khalid Yafai. A rematch between heavyweights Lenroy Thomas (22-4-1, 10 KOs) and David Allen 12-3-2, 9 KOs) ended in a technical draw after Allen was cut over the right eye in a first round headclash. The Commonwealth belt was at stake. fightnews.com
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    this guy is legit, i was so impressed with his stoppage of el titere i hope he fights a big name soon. He's calling out Mikey Garcia i think that's too much too soon but it's good to see he's confident.
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    He had just eaten a hotdog and probably put down 8-10 beers. Had he been serious and in good shape, he probably knocks out tommy gunn.
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    He had decent footwork and a nice pair of tits