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    The Contender, the show that jump-started the careers of future titleholders like Ishe Smith and Sergio Mora, is returning to television. The boxing reality series will come back in the fall with a new, 12-episode season on EPIX, it was announced Monday. Sixteen fighters will battle it out for a six-figure prize, and more importantly, to grab recognition in an attempt to springboard their careers. “Boxing belongs on premium pay television and there is no better home for The Contenderthan EPIX,” said series producer Mark Burnett, a guru of reality TV responsible for shows like Shark Tank and The Apprentice. “We will tell stories of the fighters, the families and their difficult journeys in the emotionally compelling Contender style so that viewers get to vicariously walk a mile in the boxers’ shoes.” The weight class of the fighters wasn’t revealed, but the athletes will be divided into two teams to train, with a “renowned boxing coach” overseeing each squad. The show debuted in 2005 on NBC and ran each of the next three years, with the network home moving to ESPN for Seasons 2 and 3 before it culminated on Versus (now NBCSN). This is the first time the show will be on premium cable, which should add a new element with far less censorship. “The Contender has launched the careers of many fighters, with some Contenders taking world titles,” said Michael Wright, President of EPIX, a network that once televise boxing matches like Alexander Povetkin-Marco Huck and David Haye-Dereck Chisora. “But this new iteration of the series will also showcase the heart, spirit and dramatic personal stories of these fighters as they fight in and out of the ring to realize their dreams. “This is not only real boxing, but real, raw human storytelling from the best unscripted television production team in the world.”
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    Cant lend credibility to anyone who uses cooney as a comparasion to canelo come on brah we watched
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    Nope none at all, he had his chances.
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    The top end of womens boxing is becoming a good watch; I guess it will be more readily accepted when there are more fighters in a division that can show off good quality skills!
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    Coach got tagged on the chin and went down hard, maybe the coach has a glass jaw
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    we all got bamboozled , rigo goes 12 rds at times throws nill and just moves and has no issues boring people to the point they walk out during his fights, but now landing around 3 punches a round took such a mental toll he quit after 5 rds
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    rigo wasn't close to death, didn't have anything broken.....well, except his spirit and will to fight. like i said before, he's used to beating up on teenagers with head gear on. he fought a tough guy and couldn't handle the pressure and took the easy way out.
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    Personally I think its a load of bollocks, if your fucked up mentally, badly hurt, have a number of injuries and can hardly stand because you have been worn down its the sensible thing to step down - too many heroes have ended up with brain damage - The Warrior Code
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    thats because you're a moron, a communist, and a soul-less individual.
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    Why do we have to put up with this shit; a fight with Connor and Floyd was a big thing, but this has no relevance or importance what so ever!!
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    who carries 150,000 pesos worth of cash a jewelry in a bag in a club?
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    people thought the long awaited gamboa-juanma fight might finally happen if he got a win here but alas it is not meant to be.
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    not you brah , you aint a causal . duck was stated above by fake parlay nate ^^^^^^^^^^^ my nigg after a whole bunch of MAB and EM Pac EARNED a break lets be fair
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    Just not fair IMO, also note the ref's facial expression, that has to be the world's most reluctant hand raise by a ref.
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    heard he is playing fat bastard in the next austin powers flic
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    Reminder, just saying.
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    10 years of fighting smaller guys, guys with shitty records like josesito and alfonso gomez, and fighting guys at 155, the all encompassing "Canelo Weightclass". so he finally fights ggg after ducking him....whoop de fucking do. one question....are there any "dangerous" amir khans lurking out there for him? maybe a rematch with the "dangerous" khan would help out his legacy. what do you think? 10 years my ass....you're talking to me, not to kinich, fella.
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    The 29-year-old Briton, who will be putting his number one ranking with the WBC on the line, said: 'I can't wait, I hate Lucas Browne and I want to hurt him. He's said some nasty things and he's going to have to pay for them. 'I'm not overlooking Browne, I'm focused on going to town on him. If I don't knock him out, I will not be happy. The plan is to beat Browne and move closer to a world title shot. 'Beating him should make me a mandatory challenger for a world title - I'm highly ranked across the board, I'll be a more than credible world title challenger. I've been building my way up so we're set for a big year.' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/boxing/article-5259877/Dillian-Whyte-boost-hopes-world-title-challenge.html#ixzz53u2a7lWW
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    for all those assholes who say "the art of hitting without getting hit". yeah, but when you hit with no power and avoid getting hit by holding like saunders did, FUCK THAT AND FUCK YOU. finito lopez used to hit and hard without getting hit. he used his bending and his offense as defense. thats what we want to see. same with chocolatito....his defense was his offense. he'd hit you and make you miss wildly while he hurt you. fucking soft hitting southpaws should be banned for everyone's sake.
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    Its shocking that blood pressure medication has fucked up his testing, but even more fucked up that they never brought this to the attention of the authorities at the time!!
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    mate , less than 5% of the fighters in the Clean Testing Programs get tested, whereas athletes pay for VADA to randomly test them and their opponents all year round .No one can question accomplishments if you volunteer for stringent testing. Wilder does it ,Ward did, GGG does Donaire does tim bradley did Jrock does sure plenty of others, why not leave no doubt in the court of public opinion which sadly matters
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    Mikey has done a "Froch" and swerved him https://www.boxing247.com/boxing-news/mikey-garcia-jorge-linares-2/84517
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    that's ok...i don't mind that. this is a boxing forum. i don't give a damn about mma.
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    Fuck that mate with the change of opponent no way; gonna grab me a lovely stream