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  1. Good read. I myself think power and chins we all posses. But to me it is the timing of the punch landed, and also the timing of the punch received that produces the desired effects.
  2. Broner did not impress, I was more impressed by Granados stepping up and putting on a great attempt against the named Broner.
  3. NAaaaa! Slob Killa threw a suck punch.
  4. I actually thought the Horn fight was locked in PACQUIAO’S HANDLER: WE COULD KNOW NEXT WEEK WHOM HE’LL FIGHT Pacquiao initially was expected to fight Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia, Horn’s hometown. Then Pacquiao Tweeted that the fight would take place in the United Arab Emirates, after which Pacquiao polled his Twitter followers on whom he should fight next. Amir Khan won the poll. After that, reports out of the U.K. indicated that Pacquiao and Khan had reached a deal to fight in or near Manchester, England. Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, and Khan dismissed those reports as false.
  5. Yup he is, but there is tested undefeated, and un tested undefeated.
  6. Thats a tall order to fill, if Joshy boy wins
  7. Randamie
  8. Frampton came to him twice, once as the challenger and the second time as the champion.
  9. Heh especially with that totally unorthodox style of SlobKilka
  10. For sure
  11. Yeah I peeped the pic, and thought he let himself go a bit. But I am sure if they had a rematch he would come to the ring in fighting shape.
  12. Jr, would probably destroy Saunders in a rematch.
  13. Spaddy update! As previously reported, prosecutors dropped assault charges against former lightweight champion Paul Spadafora for allegedly stabbing his brother and kicking his mother during a family dispute, though he's still charged with threatening city police officers who intervened, and spitting on one. Spadafora waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday on an aggravated assault charge - for allegedly spitting at the officer - several counts of making terroristic threats and resisting arrest stemming from the Dec. 21 fracas. The charges involving his family members were dropped because the family failed to show at Wednesday's preliminary hearing and two prior hearings that were also postponed because Spadafora's mother, Ann, didn't appear, defense attorney William Difenderfer said. Difenderfer plans to seek a bond hearing next week so Spadafora can get out of jail and enter an in-patient alcohol treatment program. The remaining charges will be "resolved" - the attorney didn't say how - in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.