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  1. Naaa I did not even know she was fighting, maybe Selij will post it
  2. Schaefer announces MASSIVE World Boxing Super Series Tournament with Muhammad Ali Trophy! World Boxing Super Series: New $50m event to 'change boxing world' - organisers A new shootout tournament with 16 of the world's best fighters competing for $50m (£41m) will "change the world of boxing", say those behind the plan. Comosa AG - a new venture involving some of the biggest names in boxing promotion, is behind the event. "It is Comosa's ambition to turn the World Boxing Super Series into the world's biggest and best boxing tournament," said Roberto Dalmiglio, Comosa's head of management board. It could start as early as September. The event will take a shootout format and involve eight fighters in two yet-to-be-decided weight classes. The winners will receive the Muhammad Ali Trophy, named after the former heavyweight world champion who died last year. "The World Boxing Super Series will change the world of boxing," said Dalmiglio. A similar Super Six World Boxing Classic was held between 2009 and 2011. Richard Schaefer, the former Golden Boy promotions chief executive, is among those involved in the venture. "Boxing has really been missing a big tournament like the World Boxing Super Series. Every major sport has one," he said.
  3. Manny might be suffering from the effects of many punches to his head MANNY PACQUIAO WILL NOT FIGHT AMIR KHAN IN APRIL, ACCORDING TO PROMOTER BOB ARUM Manny Pacquiao will not fight Amir Khan on April 22 but is leaving the door open for a potential matchup in the second half of 2017, according to promoter Bob Arum. "When they contacted me, I told them it was pie in the sky, that this is crazy—it's not going to happen," Arum said Tuesday, per Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times. "Manny wanted to roll the dice. He rolled the dice, and it came up snake eyes. If something is too good to be true, it's too good to be true." Pacquiao, 38, was in search of a $38 million offer to fight Khan in the United Arab Emirates. Arum said it was an "outlandish sum...made no sense." In the meantime, Arum has sent Pacquiao a proposal to face an undisclosed opponent in July. The reigning welterweight champion last fought Nov. 5 in a unanimous decision win over Jessie Vargas in Las Vegas. He has won each of his last two bouts since his much-publicized loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May 2015. That fight briefly led to Pacquiao's retirement, but he returned to the ring 11 months later to defeat Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao and Khan originally announced their fight in February. When originally discussed, it seemed the pair had multiple countries looking to host the bout—billed as what would have been one of 2017's biggest prizefights. Khan, 30, has not fought since being knocked out by Canelo Alvarez last May. That loss broke a string of five straight wins for the Brit, who was a rumored Mayweather opponent at one point. Arum said Pacquiao wants to fight "as soon as possible" because he is on a break from his responsibilities as a senator in the Philippines. source: Bleacher Report
  4. Sorry Uncle mofo Bellend is quality.
  5. I gave Garcia 3 rounds in that fight straight up !
  6. Dam man, Whyyyyyyyyyyyy Hayeee whyyyyyyy
  7. Warrrrrrrrrrrrr Khannnnnnnnnnnnnn
  8. I aint got no stinking choice, Bellend is meh I think
  9. Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Haye Maker
  10. Good read. I myself think power and chins we all posses. But to me it is the timing of the punch landed, and also the timing of the punch received that produces the desired effects.
  11. Broner did not impress, I was more impressed by Granados stepping up and putting on a great attempt against the named Broner.
  12. NAaaaa! Slob Killa threw a suck punch.