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  1. Andre Ward announces retirement

    Good riddance But he'll be back they don't stay retired for long especially when they retire young
  2. Boxing styles

    Nice break down, I think "Technical Boxer" needs to be added. And the term "Out boxer" I've actually never heard of before but understood, I usually refer to them minus the "Out" and just the "Boxer" Swarmer = Porter Slugger = Provodnikov Out-boxer = Mayweather Jr Boxer puncher = Mosley Counter puncher = Toney South paw = Hammed Switch hitter = Hagler
  3. BY FRANCISCO SALAZAR Sergey Kovalev is moving on with his career. And he will do so without the services of trainer John David Jackson. Will Kovalev have a trainer before his next fight, which is scheduled to take place in a little over two months time? According to Kovalev, do not hold your breath. Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 knockouts) will face light heavyweight contender Vyacheslav Shabranskyy on November 25 inside The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The 12-round bout will air live on HBO. The Shabranskyy bout will mark Kovalev’s return, since his eighth round stoppage loss to Andre Ward on June 17. After spending the summer visiting family and defending a master’s thesis in his native Russia, Kovalev has already begun training for the Shabranskyy fight. The notable omission from this training camp is Jackson, who had been in the corner of Kovalev since 2012. During that time, Kovalev won three world title belts and was considered the best light heavyweight in boxing. Then came the two fights with Ward, the second of which was punctuated by the stunning knockout loss. For Kovalev, the events on that day are spotty, at best. “I don’t remember anything from the middle of the second round on,” Kovalev told a group of boxing scribes Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas while waiting to watch the Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin fight that evening. “I woke up from the right hand by Andre Ward in the eighth round. I don’t know what was wrong with my body during the fight.”
  4. Official GGG vs Canelo prediction thread

    But if 3G was to pull off a decision I'd be ok with it
  5. Official GGG vs Canelo prediction thread

    I'm actually picking the best man to win this bout. For the simply reason I cannot decide.
  6. Official GGG vs Canelo prediction thread

    I'm actually picking the best man to win this bout. For the simply reason I cannot decide.
  7. Broner had a bad performance against Garcia, maybe this performance can help him get back into the top ranks of boxing once again.
  8. Chocolatito came in the ring looking like he had just go some real bad news prior to the walkout. But Rungvisai is the real deal. What sayeth yee blokes
  9. An important case that has ramifications throughout combat sports has been settled for a record amount of money. New York State agreed to pay boxer Magomed Abdusalamov and his family $22 million Friday in a personal injury case, stemming from Abdusalamov suffering brain damage following a 2013 fight, according to multiple reports. Per ESPN, it is believed to be the biggest personal injury settlement in state history. Abdusalamov, 36, lost to Mike Perez on Nov. 2, 2013 by unanimous decision. Four years later, the Russian boxer is still paralyzed on his right side, unable to walk and his speech has been reduced to mumbling. After the fight — and its aftermath — Abdusalamov’s family filed a lawsuit claiming recklessness, gross negligence and medical malpractice by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), its staff and its ringside physicians. Abdusalamov was not rushed to the hospital following the completion of his post-fight medicals. He ended up having to take a cab there. The lawsuit alleged that the NYSAC doctors’ actions resulted in a delayed diagnosis and treatment of what ended up being a blood clot in Abdusalamov’s brain. The boxer had to undergo surgery that night. He suffered several strokes, was in a coma for weeks, hospitalized for more than 10 months and is still rehabilitating. "I would trade all of the money to just bring back Mago as he was, but that's not how it works, it cannot buy the happiness we had,” Abdusalamov’s wife Bakanay Abdusalamova told ESPN. The Abdusalamov situation spurred a 32-month investigation by the New York State inspector general, which released a scathing report on the NYSAC last year. The commission, which has mostly been overhauled, is still feeling the results of the fallout. The case was the major reason why New York now requires promoters to take out $1 million traumatic brain injury insurance policies out on every fighter on every card, which was part of the bill bringing MMA to the state. Smaller shows in boxing have all but disappeared due to the additional cost of promoting shows in the state and club-level MMA shows don’t really exist.
  10. Canelo looking big

    Yeah he is looking like he has been bulking up