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  1. Nice! Heck add me in that prayer of yours too Mex
  2. Robert Guerrero announced Monday he has officially retired from professional boxing:
  3. Vargas Says Conor McGregor Was KO'd During Sparring @ 2:12
  4. Uncle bob clears it up, and thinks Roach is mental
  5. Dam back in the days, the boxer got his check right after he submitted his urine sample, Then the boxer paid his peeps ASAP. Arum holding on to that money to get every ounce of interest out of it
  6. Roach: Not Sure If Pacquiao is Mad at Me - I Haven't Been Paid Trainer Freddie Roach has revealed that his star pupil for the last decade, eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao, barely spoke to him in the aftermath of the recent twelve round decision loss to Jeff Horn. After the contest was over at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Roach claims that Pacquiao wouldn't even say two words to him or look him in the eyes. Roach also claims that he's yet to be paid for his work in the fight. “I was trying to see where his head was at, and I could not even get him to say hi to me. I don’t know if he was upset with me or what,” Roach told Sports Illustrated. “I really don’t know if he’s mad at me. But I can tell you this: I haven’t been paid yet. So who knows?” In the weeks leading up to the fight, Roach had warned that if Pacquiao struggled against a fighter like Horn - it was likely time for the 38-year-old veteran to retire from the sport. Roach wonders if Pacquiao was being silent because he was worried that his trainer would advise him to hang up the gloves. “Maybe that’s what he thought I was there to tell him,” Roach says. “But I wouldn’t pick that moment. There were a lot of people. I wouldn’t embarrass anybody like that. He was definitely avoiding me.” Roach explained that Pacquiao fought in a manner that he's never seen in over ten years of working with the Filipino star. “Manny wasn’t himself. He didn’t look like the Manny Pacquiao I’ve known for a long time. It was almost over in the ninth. One more round like that and, man … he just couldn’t do it,” Roach says.
  7. Conner is a clown a court jester, he is hamming it up and enjoying the lime light which he should whilst it lasts
  8. Should be interesting
  9. WTF? I must have watched another Pacquiao vs Horn fight then Horn secured the early rounds greatly Manny struggled to reach him. Horn's weird movements were a problem for Manny . Manny looked faded when he had Horn ready to go he could not pull the trigger I mean even the ref came to Horn's corner and warned to show him something