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  1. Mayweather Sr is a fraud all he did was piggy back off his sons success that's why he was in the drug trafficking business before Floyd went pro.
  2. Pacquaio fighting a guy that just got KTFO is stupid. I'd rather see Broner get his ass kicked.
  3. That guy Browne would get wrecked by Stevenson, unless age & inactivity catches up to him.
  4. Holly Holm 0-3 since beating Rousey. Might end up being a 1 hit wonder.
  5. I hate Floyd & his promotional company but I guess this is a good move, hopefully she makes a splash.
  6. I dont want to see 36 rounds of these guys fighting, i'll pass on this rubbermatch. The judges have already favored Frampton in the states, that's probably why Leo doesn't to want to help him out further by fighting in his country.
  7. pittsburgh not a bad looking little city
  8. Hopefully it's a full contact heavy hitting type fight like her debut was. Looks like this Szabados chick is a bit of a can crusher.
  9. looks like a weekend for the hardcore fans
  10. brook has balls for sure, tough fight especially for guy coming off a stoppage loss. most of these boxers would take a tune up or two.
  11. Alot off MMA guys juice, that's probably why they are with Conte & your boy
  12. El habla la verdad sobre Macgregor
  13. Juicing with Jrock & those other Conte guys