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  1. Blacks dominate alot of athletics & boxing is no different. Most of the all time great boxers are black. They're very athletic. The environment plays a part as well. Alot of boxers come from places that are struggling.
  2. ^^sounds like something David Price would do. Zing! Oh & Anthony Joshua is on steroids.
  3. Those divisions are a joke, nothing but midget asians & latinos. We all know African Americans are the best boxers yet you won't find any down there. I don't even know many men In person that are that light. I know tons of guys that are 150 & up but when it comes to 110 pounds that honestly is a petite women's weight.
  4. Rousey didn't want to move from 135 to 145. So according to boxing & your logic she actually didn't want to move up 4 divisions above her weight class jajajaja
  5. 4 weight classes? He won his first title at 105 & his last fight was at 115. That's 10 pounds motherfucker. That's 1 division in the UFC.
  6. I'm a have to hunt this one down, been watching March madness lately. I wonder if they put her in there with a total can or someone decent.
  7. Sure i was buddy With this Choco loss & Jsoft getting iced you sure got alot of crow to eat.
  8. Glad I never got on the chocolatito p4p#1 bandwagon like some others on here.
  9. The UFC has to allow him to sign. It's just like back in the day Anderson Silva wanted to fight RJJ & the UFC SAID NO. If the UFC feels like they're not getting a big enough slice of the pie they won't do it. It's out of Connors hands. Floyd begging an MMA fighter for a fight, boxing really is on its knees.
  10. Mayweather is the ho, can't keep Connors name out of his mouth even posting pictures of them together on his social media accounts lol.
  11. Mayweather Sr is a fraud all he did was piggy back off his sons success that's why he was in the drug trafficking business before Floyd went pro.
  12. Pacquaio fighting a guy that just got KTFO is stupid. I'd rather see Broner get his ass kicked.
  13. That guy Browne would get wrecked by Stevenson, unless age & inactivity catches up to him.