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  1. Not a fan of any martial are that hasn't proven to be effective in MMA. If I were to put my kid in a martial art it would be Brazilian Jui jitsu, Judo or Muay Thai. Or good old Boxing & Wresling.
  2. Surely it must pain Mex to have to face the truth that Oscars company is a sinking ship & will be finished before long.
  3. Looks like it's a done deal. 164.5 pounds. War Chavez I guess.
  4. Floyd your are a joke this fight will never happen quit trying to use Macgregor to keep yourself relevant.
  5. Just read Mayweather saying that he believes Ward lost the fight.
  6. Obviously his nose looks alot better ha
  7. Randleman owns the honor of executing the greatest slam in MMA history, the Randleplex they call it. He also pulled of what many believe to be the greatest upset in MMA history when he Ko'd Cro Cop.
  8. I dont think he has a chance against Loma. The other fights are probably winnable though.
  9. I think Crawford takes this, team Pac knows its risky so they want to get paid but I dont think will sell too many PPV's.
  10. It will be more of of the same. Well get crap fights for the most part with alot of the top guys ducking one another. Then in the rare times we do get a top notch fight they will charge us PPV.
  11. Haha gee I wonder why he says that.
  12. Damn a lot of history in that article, interesting though. Haymon has a ton of fighters but the matchups just were not that great. If boxing had its shit together PBC could have worked but you would have to have the whole sport working together to make the best fights happen.