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  1. I'd rather see Joshua move on. He beat Klit emphatically enough already.
  2. Glad Bellews trainer sees it as a joke fight.
  3. I don't even want to see this potential snoozer.
  4. Neil thinks Connor will go the full 12.
  5. I didn't say he should brawl. I only said that Mosely went right at Shaq & slugged it out with him whereas Oscar was more evasive & tried to box the big man which is a CORRECT distinction between the two fights. You said yourself the video is edited well they had to edit it to cut out Oscars boring gameplan.
  6. Not gonna rewatch. But from what i remember De La Hoya was very evasive & tried to outbox him. Mosely on the other hand brawled with Shaq.
  7. Older than dirt
  8. Guerrero Hangs em up.

    Berto was his signature fight. Floyd fought very nervous around this guy.
  9. If there was ever a fight to stream its this one. Or go to a bar & watch for like 10 bucks.
  10. Damn I hear they're hella good too,never know you might be missing out.
  11. What's up with that El Salvadorian food people say it's good but those pupusas looks like a pancake with some meat & stuff on top.
  12. Alot of African Americans are super touchy when it comes to race. A couple years ago here in Sac our NBA team gave out free t shirts before a game to celebrate the Chinese year of the monkey, so everyone in attendance got a monkey shirt to wear. Before the game our star player Demarcus Cousins said it was racist to blacks for all the people to wear monkey shirts & next thing you know the whole thing was cancelled due to this perceived racism.
  13. Pound-for-pound rankings

    You said it in the shout when you were arguing with neil. I saw that shit lmao
  14. Pound-for-pound rankings

    Yeah I repeatedly act like a clown on here. Like that time I said Canelo did an ok job in the Floyd fight. Oh wait that was you!
  15. I had to laugh at Connor clowning on Floyd for not being able to read Floyds trash talk is overated. He is the superior boxer but is not on Connors level when it comes to trash talk.