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  1. Isn't that what I said mofo? It has nothing to do with the fight - SHO just want him in the States doing business for them. Whereas Hearn will want him inUK doing biz for him. See who wins - doesn't affect me either way...
  2. Toe-Gate springs to mind as his poxy excuse for losing to Klitschko. Instead of just admitting the better man won. So does the fictitious shoulder injury that he supposedly travelled to Germany for surgery for as his SECOND excuse for cancelling the Fury fight. There was no mention of a shoulder being so badly injured it needed rebuilding when he ducked out of the fight for the first time a week before the fight with a cut over the eye received in a carpark brawl outside the gym.
  3. It was more about Showtime complaining they're paying AJ zillions on a retainer for doing jackshit. Having AJ over there doing appearances and PR is more of a cash cow to them rather than the fight itself - which will be garbage wherever its held. I know Hearn is pushing for Cardiff.
  4. I smell a massive rodent here. Slipped in the shower FFS? Something like Haye would come up with. Dont they have bath-mats in 5* hotels any more? And yes I've seen the photo taken from 2in away with the world's best camera to make it look like he's been in a downtown knife fight. I still say the Gutierrez fight dont get remade. If Frampton cant't make the weight there is little point fighting Russell Jr if you're weight-drained.
  5. It was bound to happen

    Make it a double booking - AJ would KO the pair of them on the same night. And still not break sweat.
  6. You sure mofo? I heard AJ was booked in for Las Vegas Nov 11. Showtime insisting he earns some of his expensive corn stateside...
  7. Forum is ace to use GRIM. No applets or tags to ass around with when inserting pix or vidz. Seems stable now too. Props to u.
  8. How much $ they charging in US for this farce?? In UK its just been announced today (Monday 31) that Sky Box Office (PPV) will be screening "fight" but no pricing as yet stated....
  9. Brook to have Eye Surgery

    Other eye this time, but I would say his best bet is to quit.
  10. Boxing Wk20

    Boxing Wk20 Source: Boxrec. Thur May 18 At Tucson, Ariz. (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes): Diego De La Hoya vs. Erik Ruiz, 10 rounds, junior featherweights D'Mitrius Ballard vs. Denis Douglin, 10 rounds, super middleweights Hector Tanajara Jr. vs. TBA, 4 or 6 rounds, junior lightweights Roberto Manzanarez vs. Erick Martinez, 8 rounds, lightweights Eben Vargas vs. Rodolfo Gamez, 4 rounds, welterweights Jonathan Navarro vs. Ricardo Fernandez, 6 rounds, junior welterweights Joshua Franco vs. TBA, 6 rounds, junior bantamweights Thur May 18 At New York: Heather Hardy vs. Edina Kiss, 8 rounds, female featherweights Charles Conwell vs. Daniel Szoros, 6 rounds, junior middleweights Noel Murphy.vs. Brian Jones, 8 rounds, welterweights Nicklaus Flaz vs. William Hill, 6 rounds, junior middleweights Wesley Ferrer vs. Zach Ramsey, 8 rounds, junior welterweights Iegor Plevako vs. TBA, 4 rounds, heavyweights Michael Polite-Coffie vs. Tony Johnson Jr., 4 rounds, heavyweights Thur May 18 At: Cirque d'Hiver, Paris, Paris, France Cedric Vitu vs Marcello Matano 12 rounds, Super Welterweight Marvin Petit vs Jerobe Santana 12 rounds, vacant EBU-EU (European Union) lightweight title Hakim Zoulikha vs Serhiy Demchenko 12 rounds, EBU-EU (European Union) light heavyweight title Maiva Hamadouche vsd Anahi Esther Sanchez 10x2min rounds, IBF World female super featherweight title Hugo Kasperski vs Louis Toutin 10 rounds, France light heavyweight title ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fri May 19 At Bolton Whites Hotel, Bolton, Lancashire, England (Boxnation UK): Zelfa Barrett vs Eusebio Osejo TBA Jack Cullen vs TBA Jack Flatley vs TBA Luke Blackledge vs TBA Danny Wright vs TBA Alexander Ustinov vs TBA Plus u/card Fri May 19 At Pont-Audemer, France: Thomas Masson vs. Oleksandr Hyryschuk, 12 rounds, for vacant European flyweight title Fri May 19 At Hamburg, Germany: Mario Daser vs. Ola Afalobi, 12 rounds, vacant IBO International cruiserweight title, vacant WBO European cruiserweight title Christian Hammer vs Zine Eddine Benmakhlouf 12 rounds, WBO European heavyweight title Igor Mikhalkin vs Thomas Oosthuizen 12 rounds, vacant IBO World light heavyweight title Fatih Keles vs Rafik Harutjunjan 10 rounds, vacant WBO European super lightweight title Sebastian Formella vs Denis Krieger 10 rounds, vacant IBO Continental super welterweight title Fri May 19 At Ontario, Calif.: Giovani Santillan vs. Juan Garcia Mendez, 8 rounds, junior welterweights Erick Ituarte vs. Isaac Zarate, 8 rounds, featherweights Ruben Villa vs. Anthony de Jesus Ruiz, 6 rounds, featherweights Ricardo Espinoza vs. Christian Ayala, 8 rounds, junior bantamweights Saul Bustos vs. Leonardo Carrizales, 6 rounds, welterweights Mario Hernandez vs. May Garduno, 4 rounds, bantamweights Brandon Trejo vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior welterweights Fri May 19 At Philadelphia: Carlos Rosario vs. Josh Davis, 8 rounds, lightweights Amir Shabazz vs. Antowyan Aikens, 6 rounds, light heavyweights Tyrone Crawley, Jr. vs. Juan Rodriguez, 6 rounds, lightweights David Gonzales vs. Darius Ervin, 6 rounds, junior welterweights Marquis Taylor vs. Rafael Montalvo, 6 rounds, welterweights Antonio Allen vs. Demetrius Williams, 6 rounds, junior welterweights Titos Gosalves vs. Gerardo Martinez, 4 rounds, junior welterweights Fri May 19 At: Parc des sports et loisir Alexis Vastine, Pont-Audemer, Eure, France (France SFR SPORT): Thomas Masson vs Oleksandr Hryshchuk 12 rounds, vacant EBU (European) flyweight title Georges Ory vs Jeremy Beccu 10 rounds, vacant France bantamweight title ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sat May 20 At New York (HBO): Terence Crawford vs. Felix Diaz, 12 rounds, for Crawford's WBO/WBC junior welterweight title Raymundo Beltran vs Jonathan Maicelo, 12 rounds, IBF lightweight eliminator Shakur Stevenson vs. Carlos Suarez, 6 rounds, featherweights Tong Hui Li vs. Daniel Calzada, 6 rounds, junior middleweights Teofimo Lopez Jr. vs. Ronald Rivas, 6 rounds, lightweights Konstantin Ponomarev vs. Edward Paredes, 8 rounds, welterweights Fazliddin Gaibnazarov vs. Agustine Mauras, 6 or 8 rounds, junior welterweights Henry Lebron vs. Johnny Estrada, 4 rounds, junior lightweights Steve Nelson vs. Gilberto Rubio, 6 rounds, light heavyweights Sat May 20 At Oxon Hill, Md. (Showtime): Gary Russell Jr. vs. Oscar Escandon, 12 rounds, for Russell's WBC featherweight title Jose Uzcategui vs. Andre Dirrell, 12 rounds, for vacant IBF interim super middleweight title Rances Barthelemy vs. Kiryl Relikh, 12 rounds, WBA junior welterweight eliminator Gary Antonio Russell vs. Jovany Fuentes, 6 rounds, junior featherweights Gary Antuanne Russell vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior welterweights Alexandru Marin vs. TBA, 6 or 8 rounds, bantamweights Cobia Breedy vs. TBA, 6 rounds, featherweights Sat May 20 At London (Showtime, Boxnation UK, BT Sport 1UK): Gervonta Davis vs. Liam Walsh, 12 rounds, for Davis' IBF World super featherweight title Chris Hobbs vs. Anthony Yarde, 10 rounds, BBBofC Southern Area light heavyweight title Ryan Walsh vs Marco McCullough 12 rounds, BBBofC British featherweight title Mitchell Smith vs TBA 10 rounds, lightweights Boy Jones Jnr vs Norbert Kalucza 6 rounds, super featherweights Sanjeev Sahoota vs Steven Backhouse 4 rounds, lightweights Joe Pigford vs Aarron Morgan rounds = TBA super welterweights Daniel Dubois vs TBA rounds = TBA Heavyweights Plus u/card Sat May 20 At Laredo, Texas (PBC on Fox Sports 1/Fox Deportes): David Benavidez vs. Rogelio "Porky" Medina, 12 rounds, WBC super middleweight eliminator Jorge Lara vs. Mario Briones, 10 rounds, featherweights Austin Dulay vs. Jose Esquivel, 4 or 6 rounds, junior lightweights Jordan White vs. Adam Lopez, 6 rounds, bantamweights Lanell Bellows vs. TBA, 6 or 8 rounds, light heavyweights Jorge Ramos vs. Israel Camacho, 4 rounds, bantamweights Joshua Juarez vs. TBA, 4 rounds, cruiserweights Sat May 20 At Tokyo: Hassan N'Dam vs. Ryota Murata, 12 rounds, for vacant WBA "regular" middleweight title Ganigan Lopez vs. Ken Shiro, 12 rounds, for Lopez's WBC junior flyweight title Juan Hernandez Navarrete vs. Daigo Higa, 12 rounds, for Hernandez Navarrete's WBC flyweight title Sat May 20 At Motherwell, Scotland: Gary Cornish vs. Sam Sexton, 12 rounds, for vacant British heavyweight title Jamie Wilson vs. TBA, 10 rounds, bantamweights Eddie Doyle vs. TBA, 10 rounds, junior welterweights Sat May 20 At Palm Springs, Calif.: Maximiliano Becerra vs. Ricardo Maldonado, 8 rounds, junior welterweights Eric Altamirano vs. TBA, 6 rounds, lightweights Daniel Andujo vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior bantamweights Sat May 20 At Poznan, Poland: Noel Gevor vs. Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, 12 rounds, IBF cruiserweight eliminator Sat May 20 At: Club Almafuerte, San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Argentina CN23): Martin Antonio Coggi vs Lyes Chaibi 12 rounds, vacant World Boxing Federation Intercontinental super lightweight title Juan Ramon Solis vs Damian Leonardo Yapur 8 rounds, Super Lightweight Lucio Alberto Ayala vs Cesar Alejandro Perez 6 rounds, Lightweight Agustin Ezequias Gerbald Kucharski (debut) vs Leandro Ariel Ortega 4 rounds, Lightweight Joaquin Andres Hernandez (debut) vs Guillermo Hernan Garnica (debut) 4 rounds, Super Welterweight Sat May 20 At: Club Atlético Alvear, Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina (Argentina TyC Sports): Cristian Fabian Rios vs Marcelo Fabian Caceres 10 rounds, vacant Argentina (FAB) middleweight title, vacant South American middleweight title Andrea Soledad Sanchez vs Virginia Noemi Carcamo 10x2min rounds, vacant Argentina (FAB) female light flyweight title Diego Alberto Ruiz vs Sergio Adrian Boltri 6 rounds, Super Bantamweight Juan Javier Carrasco vs Marcelo Alejandro Maciel 4 rounds, Super Lightweight Sat May 20 At: Takeda Teva Ocean Arena, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan Kosei Tanaka vs Angel Acosta 12 rounds, WBO World light flyweight title Yushi Tanaka vs Thirayut Sithsaithong 8 rounds, Super Bantamweight Plus u/card ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sun May 21 At Tokyo: Naoya Inoue vs. Ricardo Rodriguez, 12 rounds, for Inoue's WBO junior bantamweight title Akira Yaegashi vs. Milan Melindo, 12 rounds, for Yaegashi's IBF junior flyweight title Satoshi Shimizu vs. Takuya Yamamoto, 8 rounds, featherweights ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Let Katie Taylor knock her head off. Shut her up for good.
  12. Kessler on his way back

    God help us if Crotch returns to the ring....
  13. Deluded muppet, like his dad. Was spouting last week he was a streetfighter before he was a boxer. Hardest man in Brighton, eh? ....(gay capital of England)
  14. BBBof C wont pass him off as fit if he really aint.........lets wait n see. Wish him well. Not long back after a big absence thru a shoulder injury.