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  1. blow job flores has volunteered to step in
  2. joshua = frank bruno 2.0
  3. i expect it to be the same kinda fight. maybe ward will do better from the outset. but i think he'll be equally as hesitant vs a still fresh and dangerous kovalev. maybe kovalev will train differently to have better stamina. those are really the only two questions.
  4. gonzalez was flat out robbed. beat the fuck outta the dude the second half of the fight yet somehow all three judges had sor rungvisai winning at least 4 of the last 6 rounds. not only that the guy was clearly head butting gonzalez intentionally. gonzalez still closed the show like a champion in the last round and gave dude an even worse beating
  5. her opponent looked about 12 years old
  6. Prime Mayweather Sr beats mcgregor in a boxing match. For sure
  7. sounds very suspicious
  8. good option if youre not at home and are dying to see broner, i guess
  9. Id rather these guys fight a few different opponents before coming back to a rubber match, anyhow
  10. no fuckin way that deal was gonna get done after stevenson signed with j prince
  11. we can only hope! what a clash it will be
  12. supposedly brooks team got the week extensive on the purse bid so they can negotiate a cotto fight instead