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  1. Stare down & a kiss

    Cecilia -3248 toomorow lol
  2. HOF Class of 2022

    Floyd Jmm Wlad
  3. Stare down & a kiss

    Says the guy with pierced ears
  4. Paulie better win this fight, because he is an actual pro boxer that has won titles whereas Connor is 0-1 in pro boxing. If Connor won it would be hilarious.
  5. Stare down & a kiss

    Taking a page out of Anderson Silva book
  6. I don't want to see Paulie get this payday. Eff that guido shithead.
  7. Haven't seen Peterson in action for awhile
  8. 154 lb tripleheader on Oct. 14

    Charlo may also try to box for the 1st few rounds & then crank up the pace & aggression when the fight gets into deep water because lubin hasn't gone 12 before. Charlos gameplan is key.
  9. 154 lb tripleheader on Oct. 14

    I am getting more hyped for this card. All 3 fights are intriguing style clashes & competitive matchups. Should be a very good night of fights. This is a big step for Lubin. He is way younger, has never gone 12 rounds & isn't tested. Charlo has actually been in tough fights against world class fighters. He's had his back against the wall at times & fought his way out of it. Having said that, I don't like jermell very much, he's less talented than his brother & comes off as good athlete with mediocre skill & talent. Lubin is more talented & skilled but could get overwhelmed if Charlo jumps on him cause he's never fought a guy with Charlos physicality, power speed & experience. If Charlo makes it a fast paced rough fight he takes it if he actually tries to make it a methodical boxing match he loses. That's how I see it or maybe I'm wrong.
  10. KO. Nice win by Jr. He ripped up the middle with upercuts landing right through the Turks guard.
  12. I think Floyd would be more worried about getting taken down & strangled. Or more worried about his little chicken legs withstanding Connors sledge hammer power kicks. However if Connor mounted Floyd & started raining down with punches I'm pretty sure Floyd would not laugh at Connors power after getting his face rearranged.
  13. Mcgregor could fight any of these boxers Mayweather,Errol Spence, Jermal Charlo, jSOFT etc & finish him in under a minute. He would do it in MMA or a real street fight. Boxing is not full contact fighting, it's basically a punching contest & Mcgregor was a novice in with an all time great punching contest competitor. Yes he gassed out & lost but he still took TBE to the championship rounds. We all know in a real fight Connor would leave Floyd in a pool of his own blood....this however was just a punching competition that shouldn't of even been sanctioned.
  14. MMA fans butthurt? Lol I got 2 words for you. Championship. Rounds.