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  1. Mosley hangs em up

    Man that bitch Jin Mosely probably took years off his life by stealing his money & forcing him to stay in the fightgane too long. Hopefully he stays retired.
  2. Streams suck but people can't be expected to pay for every PPV. I'm going to a bar to watch this they charge like 10 bucks.
  3. I've heard this guido run his mouth enough, Paulie please just fuck off with all your attention whoring.
  4. Watch him get Kessler'd & lose his opening fight.
  5. Adler really couldn't control the range well, Shields kept getting in close & teeing off.
  6. It was bound to happen

    Aldo is more skilled in fighting than any boxer that's ever lived, but he will get schooled in pure boxing. If these Mma guys think they can get a big payday trying to box they're likely mistaken & once Connor & whoever else steps in the ring gets embarrased you'll see this little trend of MMA fighters trying to box come to an end
  7. Selij dropping knowlege
  8. Jmm is my favorite Mexican fighter, it's a shame Floyd had to cheat him on the scales before they fought. Especially after he had already jumped up 2 divisions to make the fight.
  9. That win gets Bradley in the HOF
  10. Paulie is probably schooling him & the sparring is not competitive at all, but he can't come out & say that. So this is what he's saying instead.
  11. Paulie works for Showtime & is trying to sell the fight
  12. It was bound to happen

    Boxings not dead, it's just dying in the U.S I'd rather see Joshua face Stipe than Pulev just for the lolz
  13. Good call on his part, don't think he would of won the rematch & he really doesn't have anything to prove.