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  1. lmao!!!! k'mon champ.....k'mon champ!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The best clip is when he knocks Klit off that surfboard.
  3. do you want to see that fight, moffy?
  4. didn't know they were going to fight. fres fucking oquendo still fights, too?
  5. this fight = josesito lopez vs victor Ortiz. its that massive.
  6. my scorecard is....if junior doesn't score a ko, no way he loses a decision to freckles. oscar de la thong gotta eat after this fight.
  7. yeah, because they're casuals like you who swallowed what the media told them to believe. think about it...canelo vs junior. its a fight between two mid-level fighters being billed as the greatest fight amongst two mexicans in history.
  8. this fight is an embarrassment to all the real mexican champions of years past. and fuck the wbc, too. they're fighting for a "best mexican" title with belt and everything. didn't ginger throw away his wbc belt when he ducked ggg? leonard, duran, hearns, hagler, mcclellan, jackson, maccallum.....none of them would use either of these bums as sparring partners.
  9. Black Hair Matters
  10. me like mexican style, not african-american style, unless of course, its tyson, mcclellan, holyfield, pryor, hearns, and hagler style. ward clinches too much. he can't sell out oakland and he's supposed to be p4p? what does that tell you about his style?
  11. please kova.....put that boring piece of shit to sleep.
  12. GGG

    mother time
  13. pity the fool who ignores the likes of tapia, too sharp, Chiquita, carbajal, finito, choco, Estrada, nietes, etc keep on watching wilder!!!!!!!
  14. that's right, she didn't want to move up. can we guess why? also, in those weight classes, he had to get past Estrada, cuadras, viloria, and yaegashi.