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  1. even if its an exhibition, at that size, shaq got some hands. he's shaq fu, after all. seriously, he has some skill and I bet hits hard as fuck.
  2. Hi God! Remember me? I'm mexfighter. I know i haven't been an expemplary child of yours over the last 40 years. I will change for you! Now, I'm not one to ask you for many favors but in this case, I will. If you really have any love for me, your lamb, your disciple, your follower, PLEASE LET GGG KNOCK FRECKLES THE FUCK OUT....I'M FUCKING TALKING SNORING WITH FUCKING SNOT COMING OUT OF HIS FUCKING NOSE. Humbly yours, Mexfighter and Grim
  3. haha i said that because one of my best friends is a boricua from Ponce...he talks tons of shit about dominicans and haitians. we tease him about being the same thing and he rambles on for an hour about how much he hates them. oh, and if you ever say meskins are like salvis or guatties, you and i are going to have a problem, pal.
  4. yeah, its the same. kind of like ricans and hatians or ricans and dominicans. the same.
  5. after watching english football, i noticed that the english call everyone boy, regardless of race. they call ronaldo boy, rooney boy, vidic boy. "that boy made a great tackle" "that boy scored a beautiful goal". only in the u.s. is it considered racist. mcgregor isn't.
  6. i fell asleep during floyd vs ginger....literally. i fell asleep between the 6th and 11th rounds. i didn't need to see those rounds to know who won.
  7. adding 10 lbs to a 105 frame results in what you saw in his fight with that random Asian....he had a spare tire on his sides. its different for a 135 lber to gain 10 lbs..
  8. my top two all time fighters: sugar ray leonard/Salvador sanchez still can't decide which one I like more. one isn't a latino, the other had an afro which makes him half/black.
  9. see, the problem is that we're talking boxing, not ufc. I couldn't give a rats ass if there is 59 lbs between division in ufc. I'm talking boxing and its divisions. you think a rugby players care if its 100 yards for a touchdown in football?
  10. He was p4p around a year ago. why would i care if he's latino? i don't like ricans, i don't like nicaraguans, i don't like salvadorans, i don't like argentines, i don't like.... he's nicaraguan.
  11. so now he's a slugger? sigh........
  12. no, he lost to a random asian guy who only weighs 10 more than he does.
  13. well then, it must be easy to do it in reverse, too. let a 115 go down to 105.