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  1. Drama!! [emoji85] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. No KO for either man imho. But is Canelo enough to stop GGG ? I would like to see someone (anyone) stop GGG simply because many think it can't be done. Enough of the hype train.
  3. Checking out Szabados Box rec although she has 23 pro fights I noticed that the majority of her victories are against inexperienced or debut fighters. Also, It's her first fight in the USA. In the one fight I found of hers on Youtube she looked game and hungry but not overly technical. Maybe even feather fisted compared to Shields.. I think Claressa has better technical skills, more power and all of the experience fighting internationally in her favor. Can't wait to see how it goes down. (cough cough stoppage) She is main eventing this fight... that is a start for progress in women's boxing. :-)
  4. RIP to a part of boxing history. I found this clip of Teddy Atlas talking to Lou Duva today. Classic OG's of boxing right here.
  5. That is what we thought as well. Great fight but imho Danny was not himself after throwing his first attempted left hook to the body and being countered back with a multi punch combo. After that he looked tentative and got outworked.
  6. Great fight but I did not in any way see that as a split. Thurman all the way because: work rate, offense, and defense. Anyone see it differently?
  7. It was bad ass to be able to watch these fights without the mad spam of some of the other methods of getting fight streams... but I think that Granados outworked Broner, Just saying. :-)
  8. I have not watched the fight yet. Not a a great record after defeating Rousey for sure. I have no idea who Randamie is because I don't follow MMA super closely either but I will have to check it out.
  9. ? I guess I have trouble seeing how they suck when I watch them (TMT fighters) on PPV, Shobox, PBC etc. Who would be a better option for a female boxer to sign with? Seeing that women are barely starting to get the slightest bit of attention as pro's in the USA I respectfully disagree. #haterade
  10. Because I am the women's boxing correspondent of WBF :-) lol. http://www.boxingscene.com/layla-mccarter-inks-pact-with-mayweather-promotions--113605 More big changes in women's boxing. Layla McCarter signed by TMT. Layla Mc Carter is no joke. It is nice to see some promoters we have heard of recognizing the talent of female boxers. There are a ton of her fights online. She displays legit technical ability. Here is one where she is fighting another good fighter Melissa Hernandez.
  11. Who won?
  12. So this is kind of big. I checked out the boxrec on the other fighter and she has more experience than most of the opponents new female pro's are fighting for their 2nd pro bout. Szilvia Szabados (15-8, 6 KOs) . This is what people see when non olympian low level pro's (Raquel Miller for example)- start calling out Shields after fighting 0-0 and bad record fighters and saying they will fight Shields when the price is right. Please. Earn it. Shobox is progress for women's boxing. http://boxingjunkie.usatoday.com/2017/02/07/two-time-olympic-champ-claressa-shields-to-make-history-as-headliner-on-showtime-card/
  13. Haters lol. Old news. She needs to join a boxing gym. blah blah blah same old story. She was unprepared, and set up to fail. She needed a tuneup fight and to work on her deficits as a fighter. This response is for the faceless posters up there anyway. There was also some shit talked online that her sparring partners had to sign a non disclosure agreement and NOT hit her with any authority in preparation for her fight. WTF.
  14. You guys beat me to the post. I saw this at 3pm but it was 'unknown' as to why the fight was off still ,and they were guessing he had a cut. A lot of the top pro's train in face savers. They are annoying at times but in the weeks coming up to a fight it is worth the hassle not to lose your shot or your paycheck! I am eager to see this fight whenever it happens, but not so much because I'm a Kirkland fan. I'm an Anne Wolfe fan. She is a beast of a trainer when it comes to hardcore conditioning omg.
  15. Meh for sure. Maybe Connor and Mayweather will attract more fans smh.