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  1. Andre Ward announces retirement

    Yes, he is young to retire. I love that video though, quite the list of accomplishments. & LOL
  2. Andre Ward retires from boxing. Will he stay retired? So many come back. Props to any fighter retiring from boxing before boxing retires them. He did it....
  3. Boxing styles

    And the fact is that these are all made up categories that resemble styles of famous boxers over the years. Does it really matter if someone is a slugger vs a brawler? What are the subtle differences between the 2? Also, ... Couldn't a volume puncher be a swarmer if he is winning on work rate? Maybe a pressure fighter has shitty technique but the slugger throws punches with good technique. It depends on the fighter. I love when I read online articles that make these definitions 'absolutes' lmao. Have you guys ever these old school adages: Swarmer beats Boxer Slugger beats Swarmer Boxer beats Slugger Just as simple as ... " With a southpaw ALWAYS keep your lead foot outside his." .... Maybe, ..Maybe not.
  4. Apple's iPhone 8 - Coming September 12

    It's almost standard to have to finance an iphone now. That said... It's the only smartphone that I will use. But the face scanning though.. Kind of big brother/creepy & a hacker's dream.
  5. Official GGG vs Canelo prediction thread

    It's more the utter bullshit that comes out of his mouth when he speaks But yeah that too haha. They were both respectful at the weigh in . We shall see how it all goes down
  6. Official GGG vs Canelo prediction thread

    Hmmm, Canelo by split. I don't think size is an issue only because if I heard correctly Canelo's last fight he weighed in a few lbs lighter. He looks bigger than GGG but I think it's more appearance than anything else. They are both good fighters. I am rooting for Canelo more because I can't stand Golovkins mouth lol
  7. Predictions? Mayweather vs McGregor

    The way it went was far better than my prediction haha. Nice finish.
  8. Predictions? Mayweather vs McGregor

    Even if he conditioned enough to go the distance I agree he looked a bit dry at the weigh in. And then we have Floyd breezing in under the weight limit. They will be far apart in weight from each other by fight time. I can't say I think added lbs will do anything to help McGregor against Floyd's defense.
  9. KO'd by the scale

    Weak... The attitude anyway. I saw him (Davis) on Instagram talking about the people he thought were with him turning their backs ... To lose a belt and potentially be fined over 2lbs is big shit. Making weight is HARD sometimes..esp if it's not a weight you can easily maintain but at this level.. I expect guys to make weight by the time they step on the scale. smh Hmm.... lol
  10. I am NOT a McGregor fan, ... and all of the hype has been a total circus. But .. How is it going to go? KO, DQ, Or is McGregor going to shock the world? Predictions? Instead of taking the easy guess of Mcgregor getting dq'd or landing the luckiest shot in boxing and getting a KO, I am going to look at history. ... I will say UD for Mayweather and that it goes the distance. Only because of the track record, and although Mcgregor is a bit of a clown and in over his head.. it's safe to assume the man has been in the gym knowing what he's facing. (Like way more than what the stupid videos show.) **Cool Vid by Beats. This kind of nostalgia and shit talking is what boxing is about anyway :-) Even if you hate him haha.
  11. Win by stoppage in the 5th. Opponent landed 6 punches-total!!! .... Shields landed 46% of power shots. Definitely a gap in the talent pool but a great night for women's boxing!!!
  12. No stoppage yet but Shields has NO opposition, rd 3 and the chick is not punching back.....
  13. This fight is happening tonight. A lot of haters or people talking smack about it... but I will take this over the Maygregor circus any day. I have never heard of Adler ... 16-0 most of her fights in Germany. Shields has the resume, international experience and technique to stay on top until the talent pool grows. Until then I am eager to see if she will steamroll over this girl like all the rest.
  14. Meanwhile while the big fights are going down... Hmmm? This just happened. Hoping it's 'Alternative News ' lol.