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  1. Check out https://bodybuilding.com
  2. That is the truth. Maybe If i want to be the champ it's time to go shopping lmao.
  3. The asshole part seemed like a possibility at the beginning of the fight.. but then after Davis fought and won , he seemed pretty humble with the victory. This was a great fight. I love the power punching
  4. IMHO; The only people who thought otherwise were local hardcore bay are fans.
  5. OMG I wanted Ronda to win. I wanted her to win because I can relate (as many can) to how devastating a loss is and how it effects you out of the ring/cage. I can also relate to her determination and love for her sport. I had hoped she had made great changes to her training and worked out what was needed to improve her technique. I would have been thrilled even if she lost but had done so with improved skills. Instead what I saw after knowing little about Nunes was that her camp had the good sense to exploit Rousey's weakness which appears to be all things striking/standup. What were they doing in the gym for the past year ?
  6. Damn lol ...No excuses for shitty punches .
  7. "Kinda stupid to just punch over & over for your entire life when there are so many other techniques to learn. If aliens were looking down & saw an MMA fight & a boxing match happening simultaneously they would think the boxers are retarded or something cause they just stand there & punch each other in the face over & over again lol" LOL
  8. ROFL
  9. I can't believe this is a topic.
  10. Katie Taylor wins her pro debut and has 2nd pro fight scheduled.
  11. Late to the party but OMG what a disappointing outcome to this fight. I was hoping Walters would get the win I had not watched Lomachenko much before this fight and I was impressed by his boxing skill. Esp his use of angles. Lame not to fight to the finish though when Walters didn't appear hurt. Yes!
  12. The only thing that stood out to me was the slight slow down of Kovalev in the last 3rd of the fight. Ward was behind from the knockdown and my opinion is that his punch volume was too low due to the fact that he was loading up and pot shotting the entire fight instead of throwing flurries and using angles to get his shots off :-). To me that had him down on the score cards throughout. His single 1 and 2 punch combo's were cancelled out every time Kovalev dropped bombs that were often landing cleanly. I don't feel like he did enough in the final rounds for a Hail Mary style victory.
  13. Did any else think this was NOT a close fight or that the outcome was a home court advantage style robbery? Other than the 2nd round knockdown I thought Ward was overpowered and lacked the combinations and punch volume for the scores he was awarded. And I wanted him to win!!! #rematchClause
  14. Great Fight, $50,000 payday for Shields!! That is the most I have heard for Women's boxing in decades!! Some of the best in the sport have been lucky to make $11,000 for a TITLE fight in 2016!!! It was a brawl but both showed skill. Shields had faced this opponent in the amateurs at least 4 times and won. It is a great start for history in the making :-) This from Espn: http://www.espn.com/espnw/sports/article/18090683/claressa-shields-defeats-franchon-crews-via-unanimous-decision-pro-debut Claressa Shields defeats Franchon Crews to kick off pro career By Dan Rafael | Nov 19, 2016 ESPN.com LAS VEGAS -- Super middleweight Claressa Shields, the two-time U.S. Olympic gold-medal winner, made her professional debut in action-packed style as she powered to a four-round decision victory against amateur rival Franchon Crews on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena. Shields, a 21-year-old from Flint, Michigan, was the best female in amateur boxing and named the most outstanding fighter of the women's tournament at the Rio Games in August. She began her pro career by defeating Crews, a decorated amateur who had lost three times to Shields in the unpaid ranks. Shields beat Crews again in the paid ranks and did so handily, winning 40-36 on all three judges' scorecards in a blazing fight. ESPN.com also had Shields winning 40-36. Their fight took place on the undercard of Andre Ward's light heavyweight world title challenge against Sergey Kovalev. Al Bello/Getty Images Two-time U.S. Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields, right, powered to a four-round decision victory against amateur rival Franchon Crews in her professional debut Saturday night in Las Vegas. "It feels so good to have just made my pro debut," Shields said. "This is what I've been training for. I'm faster and I hit harder. And I'm the better fighter. But Crews brought 100 percent, and I respect her for that. I hope to fight next in January or February." As soon as the bell rang to begin the fight, Shields and Crews stormed toward each other with all-out aggression in what was a blazing first round. There were several heated exchanges, and they both landed clean punches. The action did not let up in the second round, but Shields appeared to get the better of Crews, even landing a heavy left hand as the round wound down. Referee Russell Mora twice warned Crews (0-1), 29, of Baltimore, for pushing Shields to the canvas and sneaking in some solid blows. Shields (1-0), who earned $50,000, was going hard for a knockout in the fourth round and rattled Crews, who made $10,000, with several hard punches. "It's not what I wanted, but to be called on, last minute, for a fight of this magnitude, I am proud of myself," Crews said. "We will fight again in the future." Shields, the most decorated female amateur in history who is also a four-time U.S. national champion and two-time world amateur champion, has not lost since 2012 and finished her amateur career 77-1.