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  1. The World Heavyweight unification blockbuster between Anthony Joshua MBE and Wladimir Klitschko has broken box office records with over 80,000 tickets sold for the April 29 super fight at Wembley Stadium Connected by EE, live on Sky Sports Box Office.
  2. Pfffft doesnt take a dollar outta my pocket , nor put any in yours means nada
  3. Weak asf but what else can you do when glidewell is ur name
  4. mostly wasted time
  5. Lmao war boxingworld , fine reply
  6. chunky got abs now
  7. not the fans , do you really think foreman even stands a chance
  8. maybe ronda didnt buy the proper gear you should pen her a letter since your the expert on gear
  9. Randleman was an average fighter but Japan loved him
  10. should frampton win him and mares would be good
  11. Yea his retirement fight
  12. Badda bing lmao
  13. mouse ?
  14. She had time to shoot a takedown , she should have taken it