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  1. sounds like thats the first fight of Dirrells you ve watched not surprising , go back and search for him 7-8 years ago when the damage began and get back to us
  2. I wanted this fight , but now brook has two broken eye sockets not sure it will be worth it anymore
  3. Dirrell is damaged goods a while now , should consider retirement
  4. A few weeks ago, there were industry rumblings of potential issues between Kovalev and head trainer John David Jackson. The most shocking of the rumblings was a claim that Jackson was considering the possibility of jumping ship to work with Ward. reached out to Ward's manager, James Prince, and the champion's legal adviser, Josh Dubin - who both confirmed that conversations were indeed held with Jackson regarding the possibility of working with Ward.
  5. I would agree
  6. The fight will be Rigondeaux's first fight in eleven months. Rigondeaux is very eager to fight, but he's also not holding his breath until he and his opponent are actually in the ring. The two-time Olympic gold medal winner wants to punish Flores for his trash talking. "I still do not think [I'm actually fighting] so the bell rings. There's still a month and I've had so many things happen, other opponents have fallen out. Until I throw the first punch at Flores and feel the impact, because until I do not believe it," Rigondeaux told George Ebro. "[Flores] has said that he is going to do this to me, that he is going to do other things to me, but let him face me and let's see how he reacts ... They are all the same, but when the moment of truth comes - they know that Rigondeaux is not going to forgive. ''
  7. Yea he HITTED him more than once
  8. Kell Brook couldn’t handle “The Truth.” The brave Brook fought well Saturday night, but Errol Spence Jr. ultimately wore down the defending champion and stopped him in the 11th round of their IBF welterweight title fight in Sheffield, England. Spence, a heavily hyped American southpaw, hurt Brook early in the 11th round and made Brook take a knee with 1:28 left in it because he had trouble seeing out of his left eye. Brook (36-2, 25 KOs) reached his feet before referee Howard Foster counted to 10, but Foster stopped the fight. Brook, who had a lot of swelling around his left eye, indicated to Foster that he couldn’t continue, despite the urging of a loud, proud crowd of roughly 27,000 at Bramall Lane, a soccer stadium in Brook’s hometown.
  9. has received a copy of a statement issued by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) that calls for the banishment of Andre Dirrell's trainer Leon Lawson. The World Boxing Council has also announced that it has indefinitely suspended Lawson from participating in any WBC sanctioned fight in any form or manner and that they want to meet with him to try to help him with this grave situation. The statements from the ABC and WBC stem from the post fight incident that occurred immediately after Dirrell's 8th round disqualification victory over Jose Uzcategui on Saturday night in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Uzcategui dropped Dirrell face first with a three punch combination. The last punch landed just after the bell sounded to end the round. He had previously been warned by referee for punching after the bell.
  10. you can negative rep all my posts thongboy doesnt mean they aint the troof
  11. and then he cries when you call him a causal but read them shitty post he makes still no idea wtf cotto has to do with this thread cept thongboy sits on his dick and peddles his balls the glidewell theories bullshit at its highest
  12. wtf does cotto have to do with this thread? read up thongboy kirkland cant get off the crack as bad as cotto wishes he could as far as that vulnerable bull shit your spitting fuck off canelo said he would fight him in a year and he did regardless of who GGG fought in between and taking a few shots in a fight isnt vulnerable mija , its goes with the sport , at no point in time was GGG in danger of losing to either brook or jacobs lay off the crack.
  13. for all those who said it never happens