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  1. winner takes all ? so team lomachenko isnt serious still
  2. meh , shaq would be another james toney signed guess who
  3. I said the video is edited , no where did I say well , and listen SUGAR WALLS 4 X 2min rds is a whole 8 mins they showed at least 6 mins of footage so OscarS boring gameplan was in full effect poor fishnets taken to task even in an exhibition , efff este pendejo
  4. shocker your memory sucks even tho that video was edited it was clear evasion wasnt the main course, wtf do you see when you watch a foookin fight man your clueless didnt you say something similar about floyd guerreo ? FFS everybody here had floyd 120-109 but you !?! hey yo champ uh when your fighting a 7'1 400 lb er you should look to brawl , signed guess who
  5. i never seen this
  6. drugs my good man
  7. Jermain Taylor Arrested, Allegedly Bit Girlfriend Several Times Jermain Taylor was arrested again early Tuesday morning following an altercation with his girlfriend. According to a story posted to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s website Tuesday, the embattled ex-middleweight champion was arrested after his girlfriend told police officers Taylor bit her several times, attempted to break her cell phone and threatened to kill her during an argument in and then outside of Taylor’s home in Maumelle, Arkansas. TMZ Sports – which identified his girlfriend as Ashley White – reported that White, 28, said Taylor bit her face and left arm as she tried to leave Taylor’s home. She said Taylor tried to break her cell phone to prevent her from calling the police.
  8. Meh , not buying it
  9. he made some money , good for him
  10. To all the killers and a hundred dollar billers .................................
  11. lmao ricans are nuthang like a Haitian or DUMBinAcanS so if thats your take then it obvious you havent been around any of the 3 , its like saying a Mexican is same as a Salvadorian or Guatemalan i been around all 3