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  1. I want to keep my beard then.
  2. Couldn't disagree more. If that is the case,I don't want to have to shave when I box! Also, it isn't her right... If they allowed her to do so, then it would be her privilege...
  3. Burns v Indongo weigh-in

    So... The champ is ranked number 4???
  4. I am a pastafarian, which means that I should be allowed to wear my metal pasta strainer (religious head covering) in a boxing match. If you disagree, then I don't care! Your rules are meant to be broken to appease my religious beliefs!
  5. Maricela Cornejo vs. Sydney "Ginger the Ninja" LeBlanc

    Don't bother. They removed her video and the spewed some bs about Ginger being held up at the end of the fight. They refuse to repost the fight...
  6. Maricela Cornejo vs. Sydney "Ginger the Ninja" LeBlanc

    Go to Facebook, look up 'supreme boxing'. It is on their page.
  7. Maricela Cornejo vs. Sydney "Ginger the Ninja" LeBlanc

    Boy was I wrong! It was a good fight though. Cornejo just did more work!
  8. Not yet! I know that white men do have more testosterone than men of other races, you don't have to gloat for me!
  9. RACIST!!!!! You can't make fun of his hair unless he is white! Don't you know these things already?!
  10. Ward was great before he got to Kovalev... Then he ran.. He did nothing to Kov and Kov won that fight... Why didn't he fight Kov like he did Dawson?
  11. Maricela Cornejo vs. Sydney "Ginger the Ninja" LeBlanc

    I am fairly certain that Ginger will win this fight.
  12. I didn't even think of it like that but boy is that true! I really don't like runners. If you are going to have good footwork, use it to stay in the fight!
  13. FIGHT TIME!!! -- 4/9/2017 @ 8:30pm CST -- FIGHT TIME!!! Maricela Cornejo (6-2-0), the former WBC International female super middleweight title holder will face off against Sydney "Ginger the Ninja" LeBlanc (4-0-1) at the 165 lbs Women's Middleweight class. This is the first time the two have ever met. This fight will be televised on ESPN Deportes, ESPN Sports, and PBC at 8:30PM CST on 4/8/2017.
  14. Nuh uh! I just think that power with great positioning and footwork is the best. I think Kovalev is going to train harder and win.
  15. Kovalev should take the W. I expect him to crush Ward.