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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone seen this? Possibly the most depressing boxing doc i have found yet. "After The Last Round" 2009 Primarily about boxers and brain trauma, & the life that they live years later with all of the 'after effects' of the sport. Some trite facts. Some legitimate medical facts that aren't going to be news to anyone here. Then all of the sweet looking people crying...ugh. Quotes by boxers talking about the right to decide when it's time to stop fighting, and the right to freely choose to take part in something that we know is dangerous. I think it's different now because we can choose this sport knowing the risks to an extent that people had no knowledge of 50+ years ago... I want to keep my right to freely choose to do something bad for me that I love..but that's just This thing WAS gut wrenching enough that I watched the entire thing.. Thoughts? ? ?

    Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance

    Has anyone seen this? I found another fight documentary. This one is Muay Thai. From 2002-never heard of it. I found it by accident looking for boxing docs. Biased but a cool look at the culture and training.