Joe Gans

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There are 2 books about the first Afro-American fighter to win a world title. Aycock & Scott brought out a biography & The Longest Fight by William Gildea

The Longest Fight : NPR

Welcome To The Glory Days of Boxing


Joe Gans: The Timeless Master By Mike Casey

The Old Master: Analyzing The Subtle Sophistication Of Joe Gans


Monte Cox the historian has done some good articles

Joe Gans, The Old Master....“He Could Lick Them All On Their Best Day!”

Research Articles

Joe Gans, The Old Master: Was He The Greatest of Alltime?

Joe Gans Championship Years: Setting the Record Straight

Joe Gans vs. Roberto Duran- What IF by Sam Gregory - Joe Gans versus Roberto Duran

Goldfield's Golden Battle: 100 Year Anniversary of Gans-Nelson 1 - Goldfield's Golden Battle

A century after his death, boxer Joe Gans finally getting his due - Baltimore Sun


Babe Herman Fight Video


CBZ Record

Boxrec Record

Some newspaper write up's of selected fights from an excellent blog

Senya13: 1898-12-27 Joe Gans W-PTS25 Wilmington Jack Daly [Lenox Athletic Club, New York, NY, USA]

Senya13: 1900-04-02 Joe Gans W-TKO5 Chicago Jack Daly [Penn Art Club, Philadelphia, PA, USA]

Senya13: 1904-03-28 Joe Gans W-PTS10 Gus Gardner (Saginaw, MI, USA)

Senya13: 1904-04-21 Joe Gans W-PTS15 Sam Bolen (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Senya13: 1904-06-13 Joe Gans W-TKO4 Sammy Smith (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

Senya13: 1906-01-19 Joe Gans W-KO15 Mike 'Twin' Sullivan [Hayes Valley Athletic Club, Woodward's Pavilion, San Francisco, CA, USA]

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