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Boxer Paul Spadafora stabbed brother, fought with cops, according to police


Former lightweight boxing champ Paul Spadafora is in jail for allegedly stabbing his brother during an argument and then fighting with police officers called to intervene, according to a criminal complaint.

Spadafora, 41, stabbed his brother in the thigh Wednesday night, then refused to cooperate once officers arrived, according to authorities. Spadafora also was charged with assaulting his mother.

Spadafora allegedly threatened police, telling his mother, "Get all their names. I know they have to live in the city. I'm gonna kill them." Police used a stun gun on Spadafora after he attempted to throw something at them, and they put a mask on him after he tried to spit on the officers, police said.

Spadafora was jailed overnight on charges including aggravated assault, terroristic threats and aggravated harassment by a prisoner, according to online court records.

"This time of year is always very emotional for families and family members, and we will patiently await to give further comment after the arraignment but before the preliminary hearing," defense attorney Phil DiLucente told The Associated Press in a text message.

Spadafora remained in the Allegheny County jail early Thursday, unable to immediately post $100,000 bail. His preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 4.

Spadafora has a long history of aggressive and drunken episodes and once served 13 months in a state prison boot camp for the shooting of his then-girlfriend in 2003.

More recently, Spadafora agreed in May to take anger management classes to resolve charges that he put a woman in a headlock at a Pittsburgh-area bar, drank her beer and then threw her down when she went outside to call police.

Police contend Spadafora baited patrons at the Redstone Tavern in Crafton on April 7 before grabbing the woman, though his attorney questioned whether the 63-year-old woman started the fight. She suffered scrapes to her knee and hand.

Spadafora also pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was fined $300 in May for another incident April 4 at a convenience store in Armstrong County.

A clerk told police Spadafora appeared to be drunk while holding a blueberry muffin in one hand and an opened, folding tactical knife in the other and yelling. DiLucente, who also represented Spadafora in that case, called it a "prank" and said Spadafora pulled the knife so he could spread butter on the muffin.

Spadafora's once-promising career has been marred by his arrests.

He won the vacant International Boxing Federation lightweight belt in August 1999 when he was 23, but he had to give up the belt after he was charged with shooting his girlfriend in October 2003. Spadafora was convicted and then was paroled in April 2006 after his boot camp sentence.

Spadafora was later arrested for violating his parole by violating a protection-from-abuse order the same girlfriend obtained in 2007, and he twice pleaded guilty after drunken driving arrests in 2011.

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1 hour ago, GRIM said:

Spadafora allegedly threatened police, telling his mother, "Get all their names. I know they have to live in the city. I'm gonna kill them."

best thing ive read in weeks

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The best fighter in the history of the sport this guy never to get a real break....he could have been massive :fury

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Paul Spadafora Denied Bail After Violent Drug Fueled Attack

By Carlos Boogs

02:27 AM EST, Mon Jan 2, 2017

Former world champion Paul Spadafora will remain in jail, as he was blasted during a court appearance by a Allegheny County judge in the state of Pennsylvania.

Spadafora, 41 years old, was recently arrested for stabbing his brother, kicking his mother and threatening to kill police. Spadafora's attorney had tried to get him released to enter a treatment facility.

Judge Jeffrey Manning said the courts were "very generous" with Spadafora, according to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In 2005, Spadafora was sentenced 21-to-60 months in prison for shooting his pregnant girlfriend. Between 2004 to 2011, he was arrested three times for drug and alcohol related changes. On April 4th of last last year, Spadafora was arrested for threatening a store cleak with a knife in Armstrong County and then later in the night he assaulting a 63-year-old woman in Allegheny County.

According to the paper, Pittsburgh police responded to a domestic call on December 21, after Spadafora "came home high" and attacked his mother and brother after an argument broke out. Spadafora then began fighting with the police and had to be subdued with pepper spray and tasers.

According to the criminal complaint, Spadafora said, "Mom, get all their names. I know they have to live in the city. I'm gonna kill them."

According to police, he spit on officers and said, "Good, that (expletive) got AIDS now."

Spadafora was charged with seven counts of terroristic threats, four counts of aggravated assault, two counts of aggravated harassment by a prisoner, one count of simple assault and one count of possessing an instrument of crime.

After the latest incident, the judge let loose on Spadafora, according to the Post-Gazette.

"You don't choose to get cancer. You don't choose to get multiple sclerosis. You don't choose to get any other form of disease. But what you do is you choose here to use drugs and alcohol. And he continues to do it, and he continues to do it," Judge Manning said. "It's done. Sooner or later society has to say, 'Enough is enough.'"

Spadafora's preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

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Spaddy update!


As previously reported, prosecutors dropped assault charges against former lightweight champion Paul Spadafora for allegedly stabbing his brother and kicking his mother during a family dispute, though he's still charged with threatening city police officers who intervened, and spitting on one.

Spadafora waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday on an aggravated assault charge - for allegedly spitting at the officer - several counts of making terroristic threats and resisting arrest stemming from the Dec. 21 fracas.

The charges involving his family members were dropped because the family failed to show at Wednesday's preliminary hearing and two prior hearings that were also postponed because Spadafora's mother, Ann, didn't appear, defense attorney William Difenderfer said.


Difenderfer plans to seek a bond hearing next week so Spadafora can get out of jail and enter an in-patient alcohol treatment program. The remaining charges will be "resolved" - the attorney didn't say how - in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court.

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