1958 A Blast from the Past

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Eric Armit describes 1958


I occasionally get someone asking me about how I started to write about boxing and although I can’t recall when I first wrote I can recall approximately when I first began to compile records of current boxers and that was in the late 1950’s. That started me thinking about what boxing was like in those days and who were the boxers who were in the twilight of their careers and which future legends were just starting out. As a pretty random choice I chose to look back to 1958.

One of the biggest differences was the absence of the WBC, IBF and WBO. The early forerunner of the WBA was there in the shape of the National Boxing Association but no one paid any attention to them and the New York Commission though it was the major force in boxing so they occasionally had their own “world” champions. If anyone it was Ring Magazine under Nat Fleischer who ruled on who the world champion was and most of the world went along with Ring’s judgement.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 to come

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