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  1. Any boxing commentator male or female that only knows current name boxers should not be in that position at all, because most times they are just saying what is already known. I also believe they should not commentate on the actual fight being conducted. Most of the time they just talk nonsense and comment on their favorite boxer of the the two. Kate don't know shit about boxing no matter what accent she uses.
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  2. The most entertaining item of the nite was Kate Abdo, clad in black leather (banging thighs), claiming she was a Brit and talking in an English accent. (Yes the same Kate Abdo who used to anchor for Fox Sports and speak with an American accent). She also went on to compliment KingRy's father on the quality of his sperm....take a look. Mannix nearly had a heart attack. Watch online or DL both available ! https://yadi.sk/i/uOs7e6a8iEiKzg
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  3. WEEK 52 > Monday Russia- Evgeny Shvedenko v Artur Osipov https://vk.com/spbboxing Tuesday Russia – Boets – Petryakov-Hordiienko Thursday Russia – Boets – 16:30 – Silyagin-Khamitsky Saturday Japan – ??? – Ito-Mishiro China – Youtube? – Wu-Su Tanzania – Youtube? – Kikande-Nampepeche Argentina – TyC Sports – ? time – Velasco-Vargas USA – Fox Sports 1 – 6PM ET – Morrell-Gavronski undercard USA – Fox – 8PM ET – Morrell-Gavronski Sunday Japan – ??? – Rookie Tournament West Tanzania – Youtube? – Cheka-Lagumbay
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