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Found 9 results

  1. I am NOT a McGregor fan, ... and all of the hype has been a total circus. But .. How is it going to go? KO, DQ, Or is McGregor going to shock the world? Predictions? Instead of taking the easy guess of Mcgregor getting dq'd or landing the luckiest shot in boxing and getting a KO, I am going to look at history. ... I will say UD for Mayweather and that it goes the distance. Only because of the track record, and although Mcgregor is a bit of a clown and in over his head.. it's safe to assume the man has been in the gym knowing what he's facing. (Like way more than what the stupid videos show.) **Cool Vid by Beats. This kind of nostalgia and shit talking is what boxing is about anyway :-) Even if you hate him haha.
  2. Because I am the women's boxing correspondent of WBF :-) lol. More big changes in women's boxing. Layla McCarter signed by TMT. Layla Mc Carter is no joke. It is nice to see some promoters we have heard of recognizing the talent of female boxers. There are a ton of her fights online. She displays legit technical ability. Here is one where she is fighting another good fighter Melissa Hernandez.
  3. there are rumors around everyday is this ever gonna happen ?
  4. A year after beginning kung fu Bruce Lee took up dancing the cha-cha, mainly because of his interest in his partner Pearl Cho, although it also served to develop his balance and footwork. Unable to do anything by halves, Bruce kept a list of over a hundred different dance steps on a card in his wallet. Along with fellow wing chun student Victor Kan, Bruce spent many evenings at the Champagne nightclub at Tsimshatsui, where they went to dance and admire the talents of the resident singer Miss Fong Yat Wah. A sharp dresser, Bruce insisted on ironing his own clothes. As he left the apartment each evening, he paused for a moment in front of the mirror to check his hair and flash the confident smile that never failed to charm the girls.
  5. Top rank signed Michael Conlan. This is the guy that put on a dramatic show after he was seemingly robbed in his quarterfinal olympic bout with Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin. Full story:
  6. I have not heard from old boy Snell in a very long time, he would email me or do a drive by on the forum every now and then. I know he was battling cancer and it would keep him down at times due to the chemotherapy, I hope he is all good and well
  7. An interesting if long article. A point of view about changing the canvas is interesting if impractical imo. Blood is a part of combat sports & in a morbid way is what some fans crave to see.
  8. Anyone else play Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013? It's a cool game that lets you pit boxers from any era against each other, so you can recreate classic bouts or see if, for example, Mayweather Jr. could take on Ali, or if Sugar Ray Robinson could beat Marvin Hagler. You can set it so both boxers are in their prime, or you can pick different stages in their careers. Could Mayweather Jr. in his prime beat Ali at the beginning of his career, or at the end of it? There are all kinds of possibilities, and you can even use the scheduling feature to sim a bout as many times as you want, to see, for example, how many times out of 100 one boxer could beat another. It has thousands of boxers, and the data is pulled in from The game even has trainers and corner men who can affect how well a boxer does. There are also lots of customization options and other features. It's a lot of fun to play with, just to see how various boxers might fare against each other. The new 2013 version is out now. You can find it here: