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Found 2 results

  1. Antonio Silva Loses First Fight Since Leaving UFC Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva has quickly got back on the saddle after being released by the UFC, taking a fight with up and coming heavyweight Ivan Shtyrkov in Russia last night at RCC Boxing Promotions. The fight didn’t go the Brazilian veteran’s way though, as after a competitive first round Shtyrkov dropped ‘Bigfoot’ early in the second with a left hand that sent him falling through the ropes. Silva was reset on his back in the center of the ring and Shtyrkov would come close to finishing him with ground and pound in the remaind
  2. GRIM


    Blokes please use the spoiler when discussing the results of Rigondeaux Donaire fight, I not be able to watch that event untill I get home late Saturday night. How to use the spoiler tag? you have 2 options "No spaces in the spoiler tags"" 1. Use the spoiler tags >> [ spoiler] Place content here between the two tags [ /spoiler] 2. use the special BBCode icon above it's the third icon from the top left, and choose spoiler and enter your content.