Amateur boxer accused of killing rival after years of defeat


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A jealous rival shot and killed a champion boxer at a Palm Beach Shores, Fla., home after years of challenging him to boxing matches — and losing, authorities said.

Darrell Telisme, 24, was arrested Thanksgiving in the death of Stan Stanisclasse, 23, after a drunken celebration ended with a fight outside a pizza shop, according to local reports.

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On 12/4/2015 at 3:52 PM, Mofo2 said:

Truly sad shit this, a kid trying to fight his way to something is taken out be fucking jealousy!!

It isn't jealousy. That would mean that this punk would know what feeling like a champion is like. He is envious... He has never been a champion and envies someone who is a champ...


Edit: I know this is months late, but I am catching up!

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