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So there is a new league that will be running ammy boxing.

But of course USA Boxing is gonna be anti this new league.

To:          USA Boxing Membership

From:     USA Boxing, Inc.           

It has come to our attention that a new boxing organization, United States Boxing League, has been approved to operate in the State of Colorado. The United States Boxing League (USBL) recently sent out an email announcing the development of their unique boxing format that in their words “fills the gap between amateur and professional.”

USA Boxing has conducted phone calls with the USBL leadership regarding their program and from the statements made to our office, it appears the Colorado State Athletic Commission has approved and recognized the organization for operation within their State. It is our understanding that the officials working these events are licensed professional referees and judges.

USBL is clear in their announcement that they are not affiliated with USA Boxing, Inc., the National Governing Body of Amateur Boxing in the United States. Please read the following statement regarding USA Boxing restrictions regarding participation in the United States Boxing League.

No registered members of USA Boxing, Inc., specifically, athlete and non-athlete members, are permitted to participate in non-USA Boxing sanctioned events. Individuals who decide to box or officiate in United States Boxing League events will be suspended from USA Boxing membership.

As previously stated, United States Boxing League leadership is aware of our rules and restrictions.

USBL Resident Agent and spokesperson Aurelio Martinez, Sr. communicated the following to the National Office, “I anticipated USA Boxing notifying their membership of the conflict with participating in USBL events.”

USA Boxing Competition Rule 3

3.4.4. A USA Boxing member may NOT box in a non-USA Boxing sanctioned event.

USA Boxing Technical Rule 1

1.5. Any boxer, coach or official who participates in an unsanctioned amateur or non-amateur boxing contest or tournament is ineligible to participate in competition as an athlete or non-athlete member of USA Boxing.  Such person may make an appeal for consideration through USA Boxing’s grievance and complaint process. 

(To clarify, USA Boxing does not restrict non-athlete members from participating in State Athletic Commission Professional events or approved Fire & Police events)

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"To clarify, USA Boxing does not restrict non-athlete members from participating in State Athletic Commission Professional events or approved Fire & Police events"

So they are saying that BOTB and state athletic commission is all good....  but -oh, by the way you can't belong to another governing bodies organization and still play in our sandbox. :redbox:

 USBL has great sounding ideas.  I want to see some names and faces though.   Not much to see on the website. 

http://usboxingleague.com/usbl/    :esmile

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USBL’s Sagacious Advice for Elite American Amateur Boxers


USA Boxing Attacks Aurelio Martinez and USBL

DENVER (September 7, 2016) – A week ago United States Boxing League (USBL) announced a new platform that will enhance elite amateur boxers in becoming top quality professional boxers.

The announcement created somewhat of frenzy within USA Boxing, to the extent they [USA Boxing] felt it necessary to issue a statement to all their members, including athletes, coaches, officials, and even physicians. The notification went out via membership email was clear in saying any USA Boxing member participating in any USBL boxing event would be suspended, including volunteer Medical Doctors.

The threatening notification sent by USA Boxing to its members prompted numerous inquiries to USBL asking about our organization, how the Elite Amateur Platform worked and what needed to be done in order to participate. 

USBL’s Elite Amateur Action platform is simple its focus is on senior amateurs with a belief of turning professional. The Elite Amateur Action platform provides a stepping stone or let’s call it an ‘in between’ amateur and professional. Now amateur boxers can condition themselves skill wise, mental and gain the professional boxing experience before making the commitment.

In the past, making the transition from amateur to professional has been a difficult situation for many boxers. The shock of fighting without headgear, small gloves and getting accustomed to professional officiating has led to failures of a pro career before the boxer even had a chance. The same goes for Mixed Martial Arts athletes wanting to venture into the realm of boxing.

The Colorado Boxing Commission currently oversees the contest and recognizes them as Elimination bouts. The bouts are governed by the Colorado Athletic Commission, officiated and scored by professional officials and the bouts adhere to the safety regulations put forth by the commission.

Elite Amateur Action platform of boxing is open to all athletes living in the United States of America and at least 18 years of age. We encourage athletes who have their goals set on becoming a professional boxer and someday vying for a world title to take advantage of the Amateur Action contests.

To sign-up: http://usboxingleague.com/usbl/?page_id=22

Because of the situation with USA Boxing our guidance to U.S. athletes is simply, if you are contemplating turning professional and would like to enhance your skills as well as gain additional preparation, then Elite Amateur Action is a perfect avenue for you. If you are preparing and trying to make the 2020 U.S. Olympic team, then you have no choice but stay a member of USA Boxing.

Our counsel to USA Boxing is simple, change your rules and stop hurting U.S. athletes. The more roads to success for boxers should be priority.

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Wow, I can't believe that the USA Boxing would be so threatened by this... It sounds like a great idea. I hope the state of boxing in the US improves soon...

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I guess the issue is that if you have too many organisations looking after the welfare/development of Am boxers the duty of care to individuals can go to shit; I suppose this all depends on how well organised the medical side is whether it can be considered a good idea or not!! 

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On 11/1/2020 at 1:52 PM, Aurelio Martinez said:

After all the threats and eight years past, USA Boxing has yet to suspend a single one of their members or officials

And they most likely never will, they send out those threatening emails to scare the individuals :palm  

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Or 12 Business Ideas That Will Get You Kicked Off A Forum Fast? perhaps 🦺



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