Mayweather-McGregor Talk Erupts After MGM Reserved For 8/26

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One of the dumbest posts I have ever seen.   Do you recall MMA making boxing and James Toney look ridiculous? The fact remains a high school wrestling squad beats 99 percent of the top 10 bo

remember all that talk about boxing being dead, that the ufc took over, etc   dana white, connie McGregor, and the entire ufc just bent over, grabbed their ankles, and were penetrated by box

Saturation.  In the u.s., there are boxing matches on tv probably 4-5 times a week. ufc is on way less and on crappy ass channels no one knows about.  so, the fans are so hungry for fights, they

1 hour ago, xenogenetic said:

What MMA pals said boxing was dead? The only thing that I heard going around was that boxing was not on the rise the way MMA was, and you cannot deny that being true. For me it was never a competition. Boxing fans like you view it that way because you see MMA as a threat. 



ok, bye!


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