Mayweather: I Will Be One of The Best Trainers in The World

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History tells us the best fighters make shit trainers. And the best bball players make shit coaches too.

TBE has the ability, but not the dedication to get anywhere near this as anything but a dream. He'll continue his role as adviser/manager imho.

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breadman response about trainers 


 Why do average boxers make great trainers? Mcgirt, Roach, Mayweather etc..


Bread’s Response: 1. I don’t think Buddy McGirt or Roger Mayweather were average boxers. Mcgirt was among the P4P best in the early 90s and he’s in the HOF. Mayweather was a handful for anyone in the 80s and he won titles in 2 weight classes. Neither were average. But I will delve into this deep on a more broad scope.

In boxing people are always questioning the background of the trainers. At one time there was a myth that FATHERS couldn’t train their SONS. That Myth has been totally dispelled in the last decade or so….

Boxing SKEPTICS and SUPER CRITICS. When you look for something to discredit you will find it no matter what. If a TRAINER gets a fighter at the middle stage of his career. The SKPETIC will say he has a fighter who is built already, despite having to break bad ingrained habits that the fighter had before he went to the trainer. If a trainer trains a fighter since he was child, the SKEPTIC will say the fighter was a prodigy and he would be good with anyone. If the trainer is an ex fighter someone will question what style he can teach in relation to what style the trainer fought. I actually heard a fighter say Roy Jones couldn’t teach a jab because he didn’t use one. How ridiculous is it to assume the GREAT Roy Jones couldn’t teach a jab because he didn’t use one often?

Hypothetically what if Ray Robinson was a trainer and a southpaw asked him to train him. The SKEPTIC could say Robinson can’t train a southpaw because he wasn’t one. Or maybe if a fighter gets clipped and kod and iron chinned Marvin Hagler was his trainer. The SKEPTIC could say Hagler can’t teach a fighter to come back from a ko because he’s never been kod. The SKEPTIC and Super Critic will find a way, trust me.

And now often you will hear someone say that if a trainer wasn’t a fighter himself then he can’t train a fighter, or what level of fighter one has to be in order to make a good trainer. There is NO set prerequisite. Just because you experienced something doesn’t mean you can articulate to someone else how they should experience it. It’s absurd to think that the Prerequisite of being a trainer is being an ex fighter. Sure it HELPS but it’s not mandatory. Too many great trainers were NOT ex fighters. You can’t explain their success with LUCK or exceptions to the RULE.

Would you tell a Brain Surgeon, that they had to have had Brain Surgery, in order to perform a Brain Surgery? It even sounds crazy. Or better yet just because someone had Brain Surgery doesn’t mean they can perform the surgery themselves. Smart people have applied and taught things to students throughout the history of time without being able to or have never did the things they taught. They just understood what they were teaching.

Humans have taught horses to run faster. They have taught Lions and Tigers tricks in the circus. They have taught dogs and cocks to fight. I don’t mean to sound brutal but this is all true. Human are the most intelligent beings on earth. The last time I checked none of us are lions, tigers, horses, cocks or dogs. But it doesn’t stop of us from teaching them….

It’s gotten to a point where trainers LIE about their boxing backgrounds just to have credibility. They lie about the number of amateur fights they had because that’s hard to verify. I even had one tell me he fought under an assumed name and was 3-1 as pro without me asking him anything about his background. I could care less about anyone’s background unless they’re applying for a job with me. If you can train, you can train. More importantly it takes literally $20 to get a license as pro fighter and have a fight. Guys go to Mexico or North Carolina to get WINS all the time. Now imagine if one of those guys who’s record is 2-9 who was an “opponent” in North Carolina told you he was a pro fighter, so let him train your son. In that case being a pro means nothing.

The criticism I think originates from jealous ex fighters who can’t get prominent training jobs as the head coach that they think they deserve. The sit in the gym on side and criticize everything the other trainers are doing.

Speaking of Freddie Roach. I vividly remember an influential person in boxing saying to me before Amir Khan fought Zab Judah that Judah would win because Pernell Whitaker is a much better fighter than Freddie Roach. Whitaker was training Judah and Roach was training Khan. Khan dominated Judah in a unification fight. The fight wasn’t close. The person who said that to me I would never name them publicly but my reply was, “So Khan and Judah have nothing to do with the outcome?”

I often hear Virgil Hunter get discredited because he wasn’t an ex pro fighter. I’ve been around Hunter. He has a boxing back ground. It just may not be formal but he has one. He’s strong and coordinated and you can tell he knows his way around a boxing ring. You can tell he’s swapped some punches. He has a deep understanding of boxing. But for some reason his work with Andre Ward gets discredited. It’s crazy to think he had a kid since he was about 9 or 10 years old. That kid wins a gold medal. Loses less than a handful of amateur fights. Then goes undefeated in the pros. The kid is a 1st ballot HOF. The kid relies on technical ability and conditioning more than he does athleticism and people want to make it out to be LUCK. Or say Ward would have been good with anyone. I always ask, “how would you know if he would have been good with anyone.” He turned out to be great under one man.

Naazim Richardson is another trainer who doesn’t have an extensive background as a fighter to my knowledge. But he can train his butt off. He’s produced Olympians, amateur champions, solid pros and world champion pros. Angel Garcia has Danny Garcia very close to being a HOF. Angel Garcia to my knowledge is not an ex fighter. Nacho Beristain may have case for being the best coach ever. He wasn’t a fighter. Cus D mato to my knowledge had a limited background as an actual boxer. Enzo Calzaghe took his son to 46-0. That’s not luck. Enzo Calzaghe was a Jazz musician.

The big one is Angelo Dundee. Archie Moore was originally supposed to train Muhammad Ali as he turned pro. Moore and Ali couldn’t get along for some reason. Ali just wouldn’t buy into Moore’s philosophy. Ali released Moore and went to the HOF under Dundee. Not just HOF but he has a case for the best fighter ever.  To top it off Ali faced off with George Foreman who had Moore and Sandy Saddler in his corner. Moore and Saddler in 1974 were top 25 ever fighters at that point in history. Ali beat Foreman. Ali is obviously special but if you based your opinion of who would win that fight on who had great ex fighters in their corner you would have lost BIG.

Dundee has actually went up against Emanuel Steward, Eddie Futch, Ray Arcel and Freddie Brown and he has wins vs ALL of them. He was also in the corner when George Foreman beat Michael Moorer and when Carmen Basilio beat Ray Robinson! No way that can be LUCK. Dundee was a very SMART guy. Just imagine a man who was NOT an ex fighter, who has 5 or 6 of the biggest wins in history! The reason why boxing is so primitive is because this MYTH keeps getting repeated in the first place.

All great trainers have something in common. Intelligence, leadership and work ethic. If you notice often times great trainers or prominent trainers were either involved in the military, law enforcement or have their own businesses (legal/illegal). There is a large % of trainers who fall into one of those categories, that’s no coincidence. The better trainers have the ability to articulate to a fighter what they want him to do in a way the fighter understands it. They have the ability to retain information and pass it on.

To answer you directly, I think great fighters can also be great trainers too. I think they often stumble with fighters who weren’t as good as them because they get to the point where they start insulting the fighter. You will hear them say, “When I was fighting I did X,Y and Z.” The problem with that is the fighter they are training is not as talented as they were. Great fighters don’t have the patience sometimes to wait on a fighter to develop. They want to start the fighter were they LEFT OFF, instead of where the STARTED OUT. But that doesn’t mean great fighters can’t train. It just means they may not always have the patience to deal with fighters with less ability than them. Where as a fighter who wasn’t as talented may have more patience training someone who is not an UBER talent.

I have worked against some HOF level trainers. But the scariest trainer to me is the guy who has not got his break yet. It’s the guy who hasn’t made 10k in one night as a trainer yet. 90% of the trainers in boxing have not had a fighter who has made 100k. So therefore most trainers have not made 10k yet. The HUNGRY trainer will study hours of video against your fighter. The trainer who won’t let any stone go unturned. I don’t care what his back ground is. I care about where he wants to go. The trainer who may figure out what your fighter’s weaknesses are that you’re hiding from the world. That’s the scary trainer.

I have had many older and more experienced trainers tell me I spoil my fighters and I do too much. That they don’t worry about how much a fighter rehydrates. They don’t worry about a fighter’s weight. Once in Vegas I heard a very famous trainer say I’m not checking his weight he knows what he’s supposed to weigh. His fighter missed weight. They don’t go running with fighters in the morning. All of the things I’ve done religiously for a decade. I’ve felt stupid at times because I run myself ragged. But I’ve come to realize that I’m young and hungry and I want to win. And those trainers have missed things going into fights that I wouldn’t miss. They were dismissive to things I would never be dismissive to. But in fairness their fighters are most likely more self sufficient than mines because their fighters had to have the integrity to do the right thing when no one was looking. When talking about these things you have to cover ALL bases not just the bases that make you look good.

Boxing is the land of the Super Critic. Everyone thinks they can do better than the other guy. And instead of getting a fighter and doing better they try to tear that guy down. Great trainers actually come from all backgrounds and levels of experience. The main thing they need is intelligence and work ethic.

Speaking of fighters who can train. I think Malik Scott and Jaron Ennis will both make great trainers one day but they come from different ends of the spectrum. Scott has a great understanding of boxing. He’s also articulate and he’s a gym rat. Scott is a solid heavyweight contender. Ennis has P4P potential. Ennis is probably the most talented prospect in all of boxing. He’s a patient nice kid, who actually hits the pads with other kids in his gym. My point is that you can’t limit the background or type of fighter a good trainer can be.

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On 4/10/2020 at 11:38 AM, selij said:

History tells us the best fighters make shit trainers. And the best bball players make shit coaches too.

TBE has the ability, but not the dedication to get anywhere near this as anything but a dream. He'll continue his role as adviser/manager imho.

I agree, most of them know how to do it, and how it's done. But teaching it is the problem with most of them.

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