Rigondeaux To Donaire: A Barking Dog Does Not Bite!


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WBA super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (11-0, 8KOs) is not concerned with the boasts of WBO champion Nonito Donaire (31-1, 20KOs) and his trainer Robert Garcia. Donaire and Garcia have mentioned how their advantage in power, and skill, will send the two-time Olympic gold medal winner running for cover. Both Donaire and Garcia predict an explosive knockout victory on April 13th at Radio City Music Hall in New York. The super bantamweight unification will be televised by HBO.

"The preparation has gone well, we're at the end, where we are putting in the finishing touches, but basically I can get in the ring with Nonito right now and beat him up. I can say that I'm at 99.99 percent," Rigondeaux told George Ebroe. "We have adjusted our tactics, we experimented with several things and finally we are left with what we think will help us get the win. My trainer, Pedro Luis Diaz, has not neglected any detail. Nothing will surprise us. We are prepared to surprise him."

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but none of them are getting in the ring and no one is living in my skin or follows my destiny. Let them talk and then when it's all over we'll see what they have to say. A barking dog does not bite. [Donaire] is another fighter who has to sell himself so he can get to the fight with some confidence. On April 13th we'll see if he is better than me. I want to see how that dog will bark that day.''


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Rigo is gonna beat Donaire, I am convinced of it. Donaire is no joke, but everytime I watch a Rigo fight or him train he impresses me immensely, anyone who thinks Donaire is having an easy night is in for a surprise. I am very excited to see how this unfolds, this is one of the best fights that can happen in boxing and it has a compelling storyline.

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i'm rooting for rigs i really am but it's his lack of size & a chin will hurt him, his jab isn't great either.  nonito's gonna shatter that glass jaw im afraid. don't forget our 1 month av/sig wager hank i've got another sexy pic of lebedev waiting for you hehe..

Haha I havn't forgotten, the name change threw me off though, I don't even know who itll be if I win, maybe that gay picture of Robin Reid looking like a fag with nothing but his belt on, or some victor ortiz modeling pics haha

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Gonna be a great figh lads, I'm surprised the board seems to be edging against Donaire easing through this though, he will have 2/3 rounds at the beginning where rigo comes looking for him but he is an intelligent enough fighter to box his way through and take the fight comfortably on points!

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