Rigondeaux To Donaire: A Barking Dog Does Not Bite!

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Hank Mccoy

Ey Hank, aren't you supposed to have a pic of Billy Conn instead of that cokehead? :gay:stir

Billy Conn was the man, and he was the original Pittsburgh Kid, but P is one of my all time favorites but a Conn avvy isnt out of the question.

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yet you have vic darchynian in your av..a guy that got his ass kicked by ronda rousey :pms ?

Wtf are you saying?? The Raging Bull of Armenia NEVER got his ass kicked, he just got caught and knocked out once-ONCE!

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Meltzer’s January 7 edition of his weekly newsletter, which by all accounts is the recognized “trade paper’ of MMA, on page 13 Meltzer writes. “Here’s a funny story, probably certain to be denied, but there is actually video of of it although for obvious reasons I don’t ever expect the video to surface. Vic Darchinyan, a pretty well known boxer of Armenian descent who has held several world titles, was in a gym with Rousey who trains judo with a number of Armenians including Karo Parisyan and Manvel Gamburyam.â€


While it was rumored that Rousey was the one that had hurt UFC 135 lb. male champ Dominick Cruz, that wasn’t the case. But she has stifled many a man in the gym as we pick up Meltzer’s story here: “Somehow that led to him (Vic) saying that no woman could throw or armbar him. So they locked up and she launched him with throws one after the other and he had no way of stopping them. Then they went to grapple and it was seconds before she armbarred him and people broke it up right away for fear she might hurt him with the move.â€

Fuck that fat bitch! She must be like a bulldog.

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