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Found 1 result

  1. Protein supplementing

    I think I have the basics down. Burn more calories than you eat, eat clean, whole, healthy food. I am doing (trying to) high protein, moderate carb, low fat w/ tons of training (boxing, strength, cardio...). I have read that it is good to strive for at least 1-1.5 gm of protein per lb of lean body weight. That is a LOT of protein when trying to cut weight at the same time. I have protein shakes that fit in this type of diet profile. I started double scooping because at the end of the day I would have burned ..idk, 1500-3000 calories and see 64 Gm of protein intake. I don't want to lose lean muscle mass or strength, Sooo... Is it beneficial and worth the effort to go to the lengths required to get that recommended amount of protein to feed your body? I would need around 116Gm of protein a day at minimum. Is it possible to see/feel a positive change by doing this? HELP. *please :-)