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  2. What did you guys think of last nights fights? Not just Tyson Jones but the undercard and the YouTube circus?
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  4. JoshB

    Week 48 - Boxing TV/WEB Schedule

    CP Freshmart can't believe I still havent seen this thai fighter actually fight despite seeing his retail store sounding name on the boxing schedule for so many years. I almost consider myself a fan at this point.
  5. WEEK 48 WED 25 Nov Castleton Banquet & Conference Center, Windham, New Hampshire, USA, Matthew Tinker v Leandro Silva - YouTube FRI 27 Nov City Hall Ground, Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, Wanheng Menayothin vs Petch CP Freshmart Thailand CH 7 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Tian Fick v Joshua Pretorius - SEI Sport TV Lazio, Italy, Michael Magnesi v Patrick Kinigamazi - YouTube/Sportitalia Lagos, Nigeria, Habeeb Oladeji v Tunde Olojede - Super Sport Variety 3 Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, France, Tony Yoka v Christian Hammer - Canal+ & Boxnation Hollywood, Florida, USA, Dani
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  7. GRIM

    Wilder is now claiming that...

    Just read that, man the excuses he must have a whole wheelbarrow full of them.
  8. JoshB

    Wilder is now claiming that...

    Now he's saying that Fury's fingernails are what caused his ear to bleed
  9. JoshB

    Wilder is now claiming that...

    Deonaty..slap yourself
  10. Wilder is now claiming that Fury tampered with his own shoes
  11. GRIM

    Deontay Deontay Deontay

    I bet you his next excuse will be that, he simply just got the shit beat out of him by Fury who was the better boxer that evening and had issues dealing with it until now.
  12. We need less divisions & belts not more
  13. JoshB

    Deontay Deontay Deontay

    These boxers always have some lame excuse when they lose, but man this right here is some Amir Khan level delusion.
  14. blackrican23

    WTF WBC Bridger category2000-224 Lbs

    Barely 15 legit heavyweights but they wanna add another class
  15. selij

    Deontay Deontay Deontay

    Yea he did. Apparently its all down to Ricky Hatton and Mark Breland. Wilder: "The bible tells us that silence is golden but my ears can still hear but my eyes can still see. The bible also tells us to be swift to heart and slow to speak. "You see what you don't understand, what you did was what my people deal with all the time, people cheating you for providing our greatness into the world. "But it's a burden that we cut off only to make us strong so in the first fight when Ricky Hatton was pulling down your gloves to put your fists in an improper position... you all tried the same
  16. WEEK 45 Monday 2nd November Falcon Club, Minsk, Belarus, Artem Oganesyan v Alexandr Zhuravskiy - (free) Wednesday 4th November Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA, Eimantas Stanionis v Justin DeLoach - FS1 Friday 6th November Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan, Giemel Magramo v Junto Nakatani - LIVE G+ Palasport, Fondi, Lazio, Italy, Michael Magnesi v Patrick Kinigamazi - SportItalia (Postponed Covid-19) USA – Impact Network – ? time – Reis-Wyatt Saturday 7th November Workpoint Studio, Bang Phun, Thailand, Panya Uthok v Amnat Ruenroeng - Facebook & YouTube RC
  17. GRIM

    United States Boxing League

    And they most likely never will, they send out those threatening emails to scare the individuals
  18. Yep and rescheduled for a target date of Jan 2021
  19. Povet covidded out.
  20. Dam that Judge been peeping AB's IG and shit. I cannot understand why he's broke as he claims, this dude use to get $30 Grand just to show up at a club and party, so the clubs can get the publicity. Ahhhh but then again those fancy boxing walk out clown uniforms cost mad loot.
  21. Boxer Adrien Broner thrown in jail after judge holds him in contempt in assault lawsuit: ‘the jig is up today Cuyahoga County sheriff's deputies place Adrien Broner in handcuffs after a judge ordered him jailed for contempt of court in a civil lawsuit filed by a woman he assaulted at a Cleveland nightclub in 2018. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A judge in Cleveland on Monday tossed professional boxer Adrien Broner in jail after holding him in contempt of court as part of a civil lawsuit filed by a woman he assaulted at a nightclub in 2018. Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Nan
  22. GRIM

    Deontay Deontay Deontay

    I read somewhere the other day, that he also suspects "Breland" of spiking his water
  23. Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has made some startling accusations against current champion Tyson Fury. The Bronze Bomber alleged that Fury’s gloves were loaded, and despite that, it still took a “crab in a bucket referee and a disloyal trainer” to stop him. First it was the costume, then it was a torn Bicep and now its because Tyson cheated that he got his Arse handed to him on a serving plate; what a twat
  24. Whyte is a character but he is true to himself, so i dont see lifestyle being an issue for him, but for a single well timed punch he would have won the fight by stoppage no doubts for me!
  25. Mofo2

    De La hoya vs Mayorga

    Its hard to have pity for someone who wastes their life and the vast sums of money they have earned through drink or drugs, its a damned shame though!
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