Damn! chavez jr looks alot like

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seriously though vato needs to lay off the enchiladas before he has no choice but to move up to 168


Holy shit! I know Jr takes it easy and enjoys life but dam :fook, he must be reading  the Boxing for dummies book written by James Toney :?

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Chavez jr is an idiot Dumb as a box o rocks

I still find it strange prizefighters let themselves get so out of shape though,
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not everyone has your dedication mofo

I gotta say im making it my business to stay in shape if im fighting for large sums of money, especially when you consider the other guy only wants one thing...to fuck you up!


If you would do anything other than look after yourself, you would be a fool!

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A guy I always admired was former two time champ Paulie Ayala. He never got out of shape. When he beat Johnny Tapia for the title his manager Scott Shermann told him to take a month off just go have fun. In just over a week Paulie was back in gym. I got bored he said LOL

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