Rio Team Summary: Uzbekistan Tops Cuba, Makes HUGE Splash


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The 2016 Rio-de-Janeiro Summer Olympics have come to an end, effectively ending what was a special Olympic boxing tourney in more than one way.

Putting a much more detailed and thorough analysis aside (for this moment), the last day of the Olympics presents everyone with a very good reason for a medal count by countries. This year the results were both predictable and sensational.

What was totally unexpected was the rapid rise of the Uzbek national amateur team. Uzbekistan was always known for its boxing school but for years those rich traditions and loads of boxing talent have been struggling mightily to manifest it the proper way. Uzbekistan’s only gold had been got by Mohammad Abdullaev in Sydney - but the present team captured thrice as many for clearly the best result in the Uzbek history.

These Olympics were also marred with the weak performance of the Russian national boxing team (showing its worst result in years) and the slight comeback of the Americans (one silver and one bronze medal among the men).

Final standings (Male competitions) – top national amateur teams.

1. Uzbekistan: 3 gold – 2 silver – 2 bronze (medals)
2. Cuba: 3-0-3
3. Kazakhstan: 1-2-1
4. Russia: 1-1-2
5. France: 1-1-2
6. Brazil: 1-0-0
7. Great Britain: 0-1-1
8. USA: 0-1-1

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