Ronda Rousey Back for UFC 207


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Love her or hate her, finally a comeback.  I am  a fan. I'm hoping that she will make a strong comeback and improve her skills.  She is fighting Amanda Nunes (Who I have never heard of..), 13-4-0, current UFC bantam weight champion.  :great


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Who gives a fuck - she showed herself to be a poor loser and fucked off crying after getting her ass handed to her - a true mouthpiece with no heart unless she makes the running and wins!!

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4 hours ago, JoshB said:

I agree with some of what you say.She seemed very fragile after the loss. It shattered her world & at times she did come off as a poor loser.

But I think that makes this a little more intriguing cause we find out if she is truly finished or not. We find out if that 1 loss ruined her which it may very well have.

I get that.  Losing sucks when it's your entire world... but some of that is better dealt with off camera.  Hopefully maybe we will see a humbled Ronda who is hungry to avenge her loss and be back on top.  Intriguing for sure.  I'll have to check out Nunes vs. Tate 

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