Harrison announces latest ring return...

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Harrison announces latest ring return... just 20 days after retiring following concerning 70-second defeat by Wilder

The Olympic gold medallist was knocked out after just 70 seconds of his fight against American heavyweight Deontay Wilder, six months after being stopped in 82 seconds by David Price, and said at the time that he accepted his 'dream to be a legitimate world champion will be unrealised'.


Showing all of the familiar signs of a fighter who cannot picture a life out of the ring, however, Harrison insists he is in the 'best shape' of his career and that he had come to this latest conclusion after talks with 'the Boxing Board, Lennox Lewis, David Haye and his family'.


'When I made the tough decision to walk away from boxing, I knew it was not going to be easy,' read a statement on Harrison's official website. 'As the days passed, I knew I would not be able to live with the decision. I wrestled with it for a few weeks, and spoke to everyone from the Boxing Board, to Lennox Lewis, David Haye, my dad, wife and many others…ultimately seeing my son born [on Thursday] crystallised my decision.


‘There is no way I am going to tell my son, "I gave up because I didn’t want to climb the mountain again, I didn’t want to dust myself off again", when I’m now in the best shape of my career, doing things I haven’t done for years, and back in love with the sport…how can I retire, when I know I have another shot in me?


‘If I don’t get up and try again, everything I’ve stood for would mean nothing. Setbacks pave the way for comebacks, etc, etc, I believe it, so I have to live it, and go again.



‘We all saw how the [Wilder] fight ended, which was not right. I can’t walk away with that performance. If I do, it would haunt me until I’m old and grey. I got up, they should have let him come to finish me, and let me show what I got.' It has often been observed of Harrison that he struggles to accept the realities of his career. 


Despite landing just one punch in a three-round defeat for the WBA heavyweight title by David Haye, he spoke afterwards of how he felt he had Haye 'dancing to his tune', and to suggest his fight against Wilder was stopped prematurely is to overlook the obvious signs that any punch resistance he once had is now entirely gone.




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Haha, imagine getting ktfoed by a guy who has been retired since 1996!:pms

Yeah mate and the thing is I have no doubt he would beat Harrison :pms
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As soon as he really does retire for real, we will still have 'A Mere Con' to do the same crazy talk and constant comebacks.

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Khan at least looks to take big fights, you should worry about Ducky Burns and the shit he spouts.....he will still be fighting lower level opponents to keep him near the top for the next few years, let's face it only a broken hand scraped him through his last fight he was getting fucking raped!

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That's right mate, Frank was a very good fighter, it's a shame he bottled it against Tyson!

Sigh...his heart let him down in that fight man, it was obvious he COULDA done more but he didn't, he got too cautious and discouraged after his first onslaught failed to throw Tyson off his game. He did manage to wobble him at least...for what thats worth. He also carried too much muscle on him.

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